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Alexandra Daddario Announces First Pregnancy

Alexandra Daddario Announces First Pregnancy

Actress Alexandra Daddario is expecting her first child with her husband Andrew Form. The Mayfair Witches and The White Lotus star took to Instagram to announce the news, sharing multiple photos of herself with her baby bump. This will be Daddario’s first child, and the third child for Form, who has two sons with actress Jordana Brewster.

“Well, I had been pregnant,” Daddario told Vogue. “I had loss. It’s long and complicated, so I don’t want to be too specific. Those kinds of losses and trauma are very hard to explain unless you’ve been through them. I really relate to all the women who have been through those kinds of things in a way that I didn’t understand fully before. It’s very, very painful.”

One of Daddario’s most well-known roles is as Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series, which adapted Rick Riordan’s books of the same name. While speaking to ComicBook in 2022, Daddario expressed her excitement over the Percy Jackson franchise, particularly the recent Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, impacting an entirely new generation.

“I’m really excited about the series and I hope people love it,” Daddario said. “I now have stepchildren, and you realize [shows like Percy Jackson] get kids into reading. It gets kids thinking. It gets them understanding about what it is to be different and to struggle with things.”

It has already been confirmed that AMC’s Mayfair Witches will return for a second season, which is poised to debut on their network at some point in 2025.

“She is very complex,” Daddario previously told ComicBook of her role on the series. “I think the fascinating thing about her is you have a human being who is just that, a human. And when you meet her, she’s just a person. And she has all of this stuff thrown at her immediately. And then she’s dealing with grieving the loss of her mother, so she’s in mourning, and she’s also finding out that people were lying to her, including her mother. She is part of a different family. She has these powers. She doesn’t know what to do with them or how to harness them. So, I tried to equate it to something real. And I do think that Anne Rice was very metaphorical. So, there are these big ideas that are very complex, but you’re actually dealing with things that are very human.”

Source: Vogue, ComicBook