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Alexis vs. Ava: Round Two Showdown!

Alexis vs. Ava: Round Two Showdown!

The drama continues in today’s all-new General Hospital episode as tensions rise and alliances are tested. Sasha steps in to offer Kristina and Blaze some advice, Lois pitches an idea, Nina makes a promise to Maxie, Sonny issues a warning to Natalia, and Alexis confronts Ava in a heated exchange.

Kristina and Blaze are dealing with the fallout from their public outing in The Invader. Sasha empathizes with them, recalling her own experiences of being scrutinized during her time as the Face of Deception. “I wanted to give you the benefit of my hard-won experience,” she shares with them.

At Deception, everyone is in a frenzy trying to handle the mess created by Natalia’s homophobic comments. Amidst the chaos, Lois believes she might have a solution. “I do have a suggestion,” she says, bringing a ray of hope to a bleak situation.
Will Nina do the right thing? ABC

Maxie feels betrayed by Nina, whose paper published the scandalous story. Hurt by the revelation, Maxie is desperate for retribution. Nina assures her that Adrian, the person behind the article, will not escape justice. “He’s gonna answer for what he’s done,” she promises with determination.

Sonny, shocked by Natalia’s vile comments, is further disturbed when he learns Ava was the one who leaked their conversation to the press. He advises Natalia to tread carefully. “There’s no limit to how far Ava will go,” he warns.

Meanwhile, Carly visits Josslyn with troubling news. “There’s a really good chance I could go to prison,” she confides in her daughter, leaving Josslyn reeling from the revelation.

The episode takes another turn as Alexis and Ava come face to face. Furious with Ava for leaking the recording of her conversation with Natalia, Alexis doesn’t hold back. “You wanna guess what it is?” she questions Ava, hinting at a new confrontation in their ongoing battle. Ava may have had the upper hand before, but will Alexis manage to turn the tables this time?

Today’s General Hospital episode is packed with gripping scenes and emotional moments, making it an unmissable installment for fans. Stay tuned for more twists and turns as the characters navigate the fallout from these explosive events.

Source: Soaps In Depth, General Hospital Spoilers