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‘ALF’ Child Star Benji Gregory Passes Away at 46

Benji Gregory, known for his role as Brian Tanner on the ’80s TV show ALF, has passed away. Multiple outlets report that the child star died on June 13 at the age of 46, with the cause of death yet to be determined.

Rebecca, Benji’s sister, shared with TMZ that Benji was found deceased in his car parked at a bank in Peoria, Arizona. She believes his long-term struggle with depression, bipolar disorder, and a severe sleep disorder might have led to his death. Rebecca suspects that Benji fell asleep in his car and succumbed to vehicular heatstroke during the summer heat.

Tragically, Benji’s service dog, Hans, also died alongside him during the incident, Rebecca informed. To honor Benji’s memory, Rebecca suggested that people could make donations to The Actors Equity Foundation or the ASPCA, organizations he was likely to have supported.

Benji Gregory began his career in television with guest roles on shows like The A-Team, Punky Brewster, and The Twilight Zone. On ALF, he portrayed Brian Tanner, the middle child in a family that has an alien living with them. The series featured other notable actors, including Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, and Andrea Elson.

The cast of ‘ALF’ poses together in 1986.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

After completing more than 100 episodes of ALF, Benji stepped away from acting and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He received an honorable medical discharge in 2005 and had largely stayed out of the public eye since then.

His death has left a void in the hearts of many who fondly remember his contribution to one of the most beloved TV shows of the ’80s. Benji Gregory will be remembered for his talent, kindness, and the joy he brought to his audience.

Source: TMZ