Alfredo Adame Blows Up at Son for Opting Out of Future Gay Pride Marches

Alfredo Adame Lashes Out Against Son Sebastián

Alfredo Adame, the popular TV presenter, recently lashed out at his son Sebastián in a press meeting. Sebastián had expressed his disappointment over his father’s plan to attend the LGBTIQ+m community march, stating that it was not appropriate for the message Alfredo intends to convey. However, Alfredo was infuriated and reacted angrily upon hearing that his invitation to attend the Gay Pride had already been withdrawn.

“I mean, of course, if I’m in Mexico, yes, because work comes first,” he said. He also added, “Just like when they said I was a misogynist and I showed them that I wasn’t. They started with their homophobic slurs, and a guy named Sebastián Banquells foisted it on me. He’s not Sebastián Adame; he isn’t my son. And even if he was, when he told me about his sexual orientation, I told him that I loved and respected him.”

Father’s Day Celebrations

When asked about how he would celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day, Alfredo Adame confessed that he would celebrate it with his daughter Vanessa and grandchildren since he has broken off relationships with the children he fathered with Mari Paz Banquells. Recently, he has disconnected himself from his past and urged the public to detach themselves from the people that no longer contribute positively to their lives.

“Don’t carry anyone’s backpack – detach yourself and disconnect. The first traitors, the first disloyal, and the first to deceive, lie, and steal from one are the relatives. I don’t feel worried about being distanced from my descendants, as they are not my children,” he said, indicating his lack of concern about the uncertainty of life and any potential harm that could happen to his distant relatives.

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Alfredo Adame’s recent remarks on his strained relationship with his son and his decision to distance himself from his past have drawn mixed reactions from the public. Nevertheless, he continues to encourage detachment and emphasized the importance of focusing on building positive relationships with those who support and encourage personal growth.

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