Alfredo Zambrano and Magaly Medina will respond to Giuliana Rengifo this Sunday on D Day

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After Giuliana Rengifo will occupy the front pages of the entertainment media after revealing that he had an affair with Alfredo Zambrano, the notary will explain his relationship with the cumbia singer in an interview that he will give to the program “Día D”.

In the advance of the Sunday program it is stated that Magaly medina and her partner will speak without reservation and respond to the former member of Agua Bella.

We have learned what not to do. First calm down, evaluate things, because there will always be fights”, The popular ‘Urraca’ is heard saying in the interview.

The lawyer and the show host will also share details of their relationship. As is known, the couple is just a few days away from their five-year marriage.

Magaly medina He also gave more details of what will be broadcast this Sunday on “D-Day”. In one of her Instagram stories, part of the interview is shown where she tells how her first outings with the notary were.

He said that I had already listened to him and the next day my boyfriend was hallucinating. He invited me to lunch the next day. It always happens the other way around, women are the ones who get excited and for them it was nothing, but for me it was nothing and for him it was“, You listen to the behavior of” Magaly TV: La Firme “.

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