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Alice Evans to Apply for Food Stamps, Accuses Ex Ioan Gruffudd of Lavish Life

Alice Evans to Apply for Food Stamps, Accuses Ex Ioan Gruffudd of Lavish Life

Actor Alice Evans says she has been left destitute and applying for food stamps, while her ex-husband and Bad Boy star Ioan Gruffudd is living a “lavish lifestyle” buying Rolex watches for his fiancée.

The pair finally came to an agreement on their divorce and custody arrangements two months ago, in a fierce battle that is considered one of the most bitter splits in Hollywood history.

A financial trial was due to take place in April this year but was deferred to August prompting the new legal action, as Evans, 55, said it will be much too late for her.

The actor says she has been left “struggling to put food on the table for the children” while her ex-partner is “jet setting around the world,” according to legal documents seen by the Daily Mail.

“I cannot wait months for a trial to receive child support and spousal support,” wrote the 102 Dalmatians star, adding that she currently makes $300 a month in royalties, but hopes to increase her income through appearances at conventions.

Although the actor added that she could sell some designer items she has in storage, she is currently unable to pay the monthly storage fee.

“I have drained all of my personal savings paying my prior attorneys in this case,” she said, reporting that she has incurred legal fees of $112,000 (£88,300), leaving her in a “dire” financial position.

“As it stands I am behind on rent and utility payments and friends have started dropping off groceries and food so the children can eat. I will be applying for food stamps and welfare.”

Evans and Gruffudd announced their split in 2021
Evans and Gruffudd announced their split in 2021 (Getty Images)

Titanic star Gruffudd is said to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month according to his tax filings, says Evans, as she adds that he has received $390,000 (£307,000) from the sale of their home alone in December 2023.

The document refers to media reports of an “expensive engagement ring” and “Rolex watches” which Gruffudd is said to have purchased for himself and his new fiancée Bianca Wallace. The new couple have since removed their social media pages.

Breaking down the costs, the legal filing states, “In this case, a disparity in access to funds to pay fees exists because Alice earns only a few hundred dollars per month, while Ioan’s self-reported average monthly income on his Income and Expense Declaration filed 24 January 2024, is $21,023 (£16,500) for the 36 months ending 31 December 2023 and $18,264 (£14,300) for the 12 months ending 31 December 2023.”

‘Titanic’ actor is engaged to Bianca Wallace
‘Titanic’ actor is engaged to Bianca Wallace (AFP via Getty Images)

Her lawyer further continues, “Alice is applying for public assistance because she is unable to support herself and the children,” her lawyer states in the latest legal filing.

“It appears that the financial trial will be several months away and Alice will not be able to survive without the receipt of guideline spousal support.

“Ioan has the ability to pay spousal support based upon his greater ability to earn income and his ongoing lavish lifestyle. For these reasons, Alice requests guideline child and spousal support.”

The Independent has contacted representatives for both Evans and Gruffudd.

Evans and Gruffudd first met in 2000 while co-starring in Disney’s live-action 101 Dalmatians sequel. They married in 2007 in Los Cabos, Mexico, and share two children. Evans announced they would be separating in a split initiated by Gruffudd in January 2021.

The Fantastic Four actor then filed for divorce in March 2021 and was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Evans in February 2022. In January 2023, Evans faced charges for allegedly breaching the conditions of the restraining order. The charges were later dropped.

He confirmed his relationship with actor Wallace in 2021 and announced their engagement this year.

Gruffudd’s daughter was later said to have filed a restraining order against him, while he denied the contents of the request and accused his ex-wife of falsely accusing him of child abuse.

Source: Daily Mail