“Alicia Machado and Christian Estrada: Rekindling Their Love!”

Alicia Machado and Christian Estrada Reappear Together and Very Happy

Alicia Machado and Christian Estrada have been spotted together, looking happy, almost a month after Machado confirmed her breakup. During a press conference at the Mexico City airport, Machado expressed her anticipation to meet Estrada. When asked about their relationship, Machado explained that everything was going well.

Machado’s Thoughts on Marriage and Her Feelings for Estrada

When questioned about the possibility of getting married, Machado responded by saying that she has never been married before and considers herself “unmarriageable”. However, she emphasized the fact that she is in love with Estrada and their relationship is great.

Estrada’s Thoughts on Valuing Machado and the Challenges of Their Relationship

Estrada, on the other hand, talked about Machado’s comments on feeling unappreciated and whether he has learned to value her. He replied by saying that Machado is with him and he believes he must be doing something right to maintain a relationship with her. He also expressed that they are still getting to know each other and that people are already pressuring him to get married, but he wants to take things slow.

The Support Machado and Estrada Give Each Other

Regarding the emotional support Estrada has received from Machado, he mentioned that he sees it as a true friendship. He thanked Machado for being by his side during difficult times and helping him cope with not being able to see his son for the past five or six months.

In conclusion, Machado and Estrada have reappeared together and seem to be happy with their relationship. While Machado expresses her love for Estrada, he talks about the challenges of maintaining a relationship with a star like Machado. Despite the difficulties, they continue to support and care for each other.

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