Alicia Machado’s Daughter Dinorah Asks Her Mom to Gift Her Breast Implants on Her 15th Birthday

Alicia Machado’s only daughter, Dinorah, surprised her famous mother after making her a birthday request that baffled her. The young woman asked the former Miss Universe to pay for cosmetic surgery to enlarge her bust through breast implants as a gift of 15 years. The actress reveals what her reaction was to this controversial situation. “We’ve talked about it; we even had a conversation, casually, a couple of nights ago, my daughter and I, where we were in a very personal moment, and she was complaining because she is very skinny and very small, and I said ‘but, mommy look you are going to grow up, I was like that at your age; it’s going to get you out of everything.’

[The girl replied] ‘mommy you would put the which is on me at 15 years old; because his 15th birthday is coming,” Machado told the Mexican television program Ventaneando (TV Azteca). and I said ‘no’. ‘Under my roof and you are not a minor’. She must first be loved and accepted.” The model of Venezuelan origin made it clear that her daughter must like herself before making such a decision. “When she looks in the mirror and feels beautiful with nothing, then there you can do whatever she wants,” he warned.

Alicia Machado confessed that she suffered from eating disorders because she looked good; therefore, she wants to prevent her daughter from going through situations like hers. “I was a child who had a lot of problems. I was sick with bulimia and anorexia for almost six years; I had identity disorders. I had many self-esteem problems and that also taught me to be strong, to love myself, to feel comfortable with my physique, with my beauty,” she confessed.

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“Beauty is a lifelong career. At least in my case, from a very young age I have been exposed to criticism, to being judged,” she added. “I’m in an environment where they want me beautiful, sexy and my fans do know me and it’s a strong pressure for you as a public figure.” Together, Machado said she knows very well the battle that many women fight with respect to their acceptance and reach fullness in life, especially after having been Miss Universe and living with the general expectation of always looking beautiful.

“Beauty is a career for life, at least in my case from a very young age I have been exposed to being criticized, to being judged, I am in an environment in which they want me beautiful, they want me sexy, my fans know me like that and it is a strong pressure for one as a public figure, “I am a strong pressure.” Detailed. Finally, Alicia Machado acknowledged that she has also fallen into the dilemmas of beauty and cosmetic surgeries, so she understands her daughter in her request

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