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Alien TV Series Star: Show Will Appeal to Original Movie Fans

When it comes to reviving beloved properties, some storytellers aim to take core concepts of a franchise and reimagine them in entirely new ways. The upcoming Alien TV series, created by Noah Hawley, seems to follow this approach. Star Sandra Yi Sencindiver claims that fans of the original entries in the saga will appreciate the new experience. While it’s not yet clear whether the narrative, themes, or tone will align more with Alien and Aliens, her comments are likely to reassure fans.

“I think especially the fans who love [Ridley Scott’s Alien] and [James Cameron’s Aliens] will be very pleased with the universe and world-building in this reimagining,” Sencindiver told Variety. “A lot of brilliant people and very interesting character actors [who are] very dedicated, and of course, Noah Hawley is just a brilliant storyteller.”

She continued, “I can’t say anything more than that, other than it’s been very exciting and interesting to play this character. I also think it’s a pleasure that nobody has played this character before. That’s also great for me, that I get to set the bar for what this character is. We’ll be pleased—the old fans of the original movies.”

Among other upcoming entries in the franchise, Alien: Romulus is set to hit theaters later this year. This new adventure takes place between the events of Alien and Aliens. According to the cast and crew, it serves more as a standalone spinoff rather than a continuation of established mythology. In contrast, Hawley’s Alien TV series has been shrouded in secrecy. Given Hawley’s success with the Fargo TV series, where he told an entirely original story while channeling the spirit of the Coen brothers’ film, fans can expect a similar blend of old and new elements.

In the earliest entries of the Alien series, viewers saw characters facing off against the horrifying Xenomorph while also being wary of the intentions of synthetic characters. Over time, other thematic elements were introduced. Sencindiver’s comments suggest a possible return to the franchise’s narrative roots.

Stay tuned for updates on the Alien TV series.

Source: Variety, ComicBook