AliExpress: The new options if you press and hold the app icon

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Just this week we commented that speed, speed in actions seems the key word in today’s digital age. Internet, telework, mobile applications, everything seems designed with the idea of ​​doing things faster, more efficient, more effective.

And we commented on it following a news item about WhatsApp, whose application icon on the mobile hides a series of shortcuts to facilitate its use.

AliExpress icon shortcuts

  • A direct access to the AliExpress app search bar
  • A direct access to your AliExpress account
  • A direct access to web shopping cart
  • A direct access to messages from your AliExpress account

As we can see, in this way the Chinese online commerce giant seeks that its users can access the main options of its platform more quickly. The normal thing that we could think that his most direct rival also has it.

But the funny thing is that no the Amazon application icon on the mobile does not have direct access any to the functions of the app. And if you keep it pressed, only the basic menu to move the app or uninstall it will appear.


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