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Alina Habba's Melania Trump Look Sparks Widespread Speculation

Alina Habba’s Melania Trump Look Sparks Widespread Speculation

Of course, as is the case with most chatter on X, there is no proof that Alina Habba is actually poised to take Melania Trump’s place. The dueling red dresses are likely a coincidence. After all, the color red is the color associated with the Republican party in the United States. Since both of them were attending events with a political slant, it makes sense that they would gravitate toward their party’s color.

There also doesn’t seem to be any tension between the women, since Melania and Donald Trump attended Habba’s 40th birthday party in March 2024. There are even signs that Habba and Melania are closer than expected, such as when Habba wished her a happy birthday on Instagram in April 2024.

However, some feel that Habba’s appearance has changed since Donald hired her. She reportedly was hired by the former president in 2021. An Instagram photo from December of that year shows the attorney in a simple black outfit with only a few shiny buttons on the shoulder. Compare that to a post from June 2024 where Habba was wearing bright pink, patterned pantsuits and bright red, seemingly faux leather pants to give speeches. Habba is no stranger to scrutiny, with one of her Trump-themed accessories causing a stir for reasons she likely didn’t want.