Alix Aspe reunites with La mesa caliente hosts for fiery discussions!

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Former La Mesa Caliente Hosts Reunite in Emotional Meeting

The meeting between Alix Aspe and her former colleagues from the Telemundo show, La mesa caliente, was filled with emotions, joy and lots of laughter. Verónica Vastos, Giselle Blondet, and Myrka Dellanos attended the event to shower Alix with love and affection. Though they might have parted ways professionally, their friendship remains as strong as ever.

A few days prior, Alix was spotted spending time with other network colleagues such as Carlos Adyan and Andrea Meza. According to Alix, Telemundo has not only given her sound professional experience but also a family.

Despite not renewing her contract with the channel she had worked with for over eight years, Alix says that this meeting with her former colleagues and the love they shared was a reminder that some things never change. The host recently announced that she would be moving to Mexico to spend some time there.

Alix’s most recent project aims to help other people who wish to feel and look spectacular by sharing her beauty knowledge with them. Her tutorials on makeup, as well as other valuable content, have kept her followers glued to her social media accounts.

As Alix sets out on new personal and professional challenges, her friendships and love with her former colleagues continue to remain a constant, something that she cherishes and values very highly.

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