Alix Aspe’s Surprising Departure from La Mesa Caliente and Telemundo

Alix Aspe’s Surprising Departure from La Mesa Caliente and Telemundo

The moves on Telemundo have been constant lately. With the departure of several hosts like Adamari López, Rodner Figueroa, and Chiquibaby, Alix Aspe, the host of “La mesa caliente,” joined in. This news, of course, shocked her followers. However, she decided to reveal what really happened.

Before her work on “La mesa caliente,” which is hosted by four women who debate various show topics and controversial issues affecting the Latino community in the United States, Alix Aspe had worked on numerous projects for the television network.

Unfortunately, after being the host of “La mesa caliente” for only a few months, Alix Aspe ceased to belong to the cast. She also said goodbye to Telemundo, leaving her fans heartbroken. While many initially believed that she was removed from the show, the 32-year-old journalist revealed the true reasons in a video she shared on social media.

“These last weeks have been ones of great changes and decisions in my life, you will no longer see me on ‘La mesa caliente’ or on Telemundo. As you well know, this is a business and at the time of negotiating my contract we could not reach an agreement,” Alix revealed.

Despite this, Alix Aspe remains calm and focused on her projects. She’s excited about what’s to come and more determined than ever to achieve her full potential. She thanked everyone for their support and love, adding that they still remain connected.

Telemundo also issued a statement confirming Alix Aspe’s departure from the show. They acknowledged her work on their network, including hosting the digital show “LatinX Now” and various red carpet specials. They expressed gratitude for her contributions, wished her well, and hoped for her continued success.

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On April 8, 2023, Alix Aspe married Mexican businessman Diego Betanzo, who was planning to move to Miami with her, where Telemundo’s headquarters are located. However, after leaving the television network, it remains to be seen whether or not they would stay in Miami or return to Mexico.

After hearing about Alix Aspe’s departure, her fans expressed their sadness and disappointment. They regretted that Telemundo let her go and praised her potential, professionalism, and talent. Despite this unfortunate event, Alix Aspe’s followers remain supportive and hopeful for what’s to come.

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