All 9 seasons of Seinfeld are on Netflix from October

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All nine seasons of Seinfeld will be available on Netflix in 4K starting October 1. This means that for the first time, all episodes of the NBC series will be available together on a digital broadcasting platform.

Netflix also released a video accompanying the announcement on Twitter and announced that it will feature all 180 episodes.

Jerry Seinfeld said in his written press release:

“[Seinfeld’in eş yapΔ±mcΔ±sΔ±] Larry [David] and I are very grateful to Netflix for getting into this business with us. It takes serious guts to trust two vain guys with no television experience when you embark on this business. I guess the water took us away. I didn’t know we made so many chapters. It’s a great opportunity to remember those episodes that I don’t know how many million times we’ve filmed. But when people are happy, it’s worth all the effort. Crazy project.”

Netflix Acquired the broadcasting rights to Seinfeld in 2019. Until last June, Hulu had exclusive screening rights. Under this deal, the NBC sitcom will be on Netflix for 5 years. Although the financial details of the deal were not shared, Netflix allegedly paid more than $ 500 million. This amount is equivalent to what NBCUniversal paid to bring The Office to Peacock.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix co-CEO, said in a statement, “This is the first time we’re taking a risk of this magnitude and adding 9 seasons to the platform at once. But Jerry has created something special with this sitcom and no one has done it before.”

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J. Kim Murphy is a freelance writer at MRT.

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