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All About Alina Habba's Low-Key Ex-Husband, Matthew Eyet

All About Alina Habba’s Low-Key Ex-Husband, Matthew Eyet

Before founding his own law firm in 2019, Matthew Eyet garnered significant academic achievements, graduating summa cum laude from Widener University School of Law. As co-valedictorian, he delivered the commencement speech for the Class of 2010. Eyet’s academic excellence was complemented by his active engagement in the campus legal community, where he participated in the Moot Court Honor Society and contributed to the Law Journal.

Following his law degree, Eyet went on to earn his Masters of Law in taxation from the prestigious New York University School of Law. This advanced degree propelled him into the field of tax law, where he initially worked as a tax associate for WeiserMazars LLP, a New York City-based firm, in the early 2000s. His expertise and career trajectory led him to co-found a boutique law firm in Brunswick, New Jersey, in 2013.

At Sandelands Eyet LLP, where he served as principal from 2013 to 2019, Eyet focused on several key areas: civil litigation, tax controversy, and estate planning. This period marked not only professional growth but also a notable collaboration with his then-wife, Alina Habba. Habba, who would later become known as former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, was a managing partner at the firm from 2013 to 2020.

Eyet’s journey from an outstanding law student to a seasoned legal professional highlights a career built on a foundation of academic excellence and practical expertise. Through these experiences, he has developed a multifaceted skill set that has allowed him to successfully navigate various complex legal landscapes.

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