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Peter Doocy is a son of a well-known Television host, Steve Doocy. He is an American-based journalist who is pretty famous as a media icon. He can be easily seen on popular media channels. Peter Doocy works for Fox News and he is also the White House correspondent for the same Television channel. 

Peter Doocy has made a name for himself through his hard work and dedication to his job and career. Other than work, you can find Peter Doocy to be involved in golf. He is an avid lover of sports. Doocy believes in goodness and he often donates to charitable funds. This article will deal with the life and personal details of Peter Doocy.

About Peter Doocy

Peter Doocy, a famous American journalist was born in an American family on 21 July 1987. His age as of 2022 is 35 years. Doocy belongs to an American family and his family resides in Washington, D.C. By Zodiac sign Peter Doocy is a Cancerian. Since childhood, Doocy has been significantly determined toward his work.

Doocy grew up in a town in the capital city. Of his three siblings, Doocy is the oldest and he graduated from a local private high school in his hometown. Further, Doocy completed his bachelors of arts degree in Political Science. Peter graduated from Villanova University. Peter mentions traveling as one of his hobbies.

Peter Doocy Height, Age, and More

Peter Doocy has led the Journalism industry to great heights. As a reporter, he has always tried to bring versatility to the topics that he covered. Peter Doocy was born on July 21, 1987, which makes him 35 years old in 2022. The height of Peter Doocy is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm). 

Moreover, going more personally into Peter Doocy’s detail he weighs nearly 71 kg. Doocy’s body measurements could not be found, however, he has brown eyes and dark blonde hair. Also, the shoe size that fits Peter Doocy is 12.5 (US). For the time being, Doocy has grown to be a talented and handsome individual.

Peter Doocy Family

Peter Doocy has a strong family background. His father Steve Doocy is also a renowned and pretty famous television host. There is no doubt that much of the talent that Doocy has is inherited. Furthermore, Doocy’s mother Kathy Gerrity is a sincere and supportive lady. 

Peter is the oldest of three siblings. He has two younger sisters namely Sally Doocy and Mary Doocy and Peter is very close to both his siblings. Adding onto this, Peter’s successful life gave him a loving and caring companion in the form of his wife Hillary Vaughn. Peter got married to Hillary Vaughn in April 2021 at a resort in South Carolina. 

Peter Doocy’s wife also works as a correspondent for Fox Business. She is herself a dedicated woman and so far she has always provided her complete support to Doocy. There is no solid information regarding Peter Doocy’s past relationships. However, it is believed that Peter had at least one relationship before he finally got married.

Peter Doocy Career

After Peter Doocy graduated with his bachelor’s degree, he began his career in journalism in 2009. Initially, he began by joining Fox news and took over the post of a general assignment reporter. First, Doocy worked for the news channel in Chicago and New York. Later on, Doocy decided to move to Washington and finally settle there next year. 

In 2014, Doocy interviewed an ex-Navy SEAL and that was a major turning point in his life. He gathered popularity from that interview and it combined with all his efforts and hard work and ended up making him successful. Peter was highly appreciated for this and he got all the fame thereafter. Peter’s efforts helped in making it one of the best documentaries ever.

Not only this, in the election year, Doocy also covered the presidential campaign of the Democratic Party’s nominee, Joe Biden. Peter worked for as long as 10 years after which he finally got promoted to White House correspondent. He then interviewed several White House secretaries and gained popularity and as of now, he is working in the same position. 

Peter Doocy’s Net Worth

The net worth of Peter Doocy is expected to be nearly 400 thousand USD. The main source of his income is journalism. As a journalist, Doocy has worked hard and gained much experience and fame in the field. Fox News is the source of his monthly salary. 

While other top earners of Fox News make an income of 116 dollars USD, however, it is believed that Doocy’s income is more than that. Apart from this, Peter Doocy might have other sources of income as well, but no information regarding them is provided at all.

Other Facts About Peter Doocy

•Peter completed his graduation in 2009 and he has a bachelor of arts degree in Political Science. 

•Peter got famous after interviewing the ex-Navy SEAL. His interview was highly appreciated by everyone. 

•On Twitter, Peter Doocy has as many as 306K followers. However, as per the reports, he does not use his Twitter handle much and he is pretty inactive on Twitter.

•It has been more than a decade since Peter has been working with Fox News. His net worth now is $400,000.

•Peter mentions traveling as one of his hobbies and he has wandered around many countries including Italy. 

•It is not known if Peter Doocy consumes alcohol or not and if he prefers smoking or not.

•Surprisingly, Peter does not have any tattoos on his body.

•Peter Doocy has 125K followers on Instagram and he shares most of his pictures on the platform.

•Doocy has two sisters and both of them are younger than him.


Peter Doocy is a 37-year-old reputed journalist who has immense talent and the full support of his family which ends up making him much better and devoted to his work. Peter Doocy has two younger sisters and his father belong to a journalism background as well. Peter has a supporting wife and he got happily married in April 2021.

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