All about the new Dragon Ball Super movie

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Time passes for everyone, but this saying has nothing to do with Dragon Ballas it will traverse more generations with his new movie. We are talking about one of the most popular and beloved anime series in history, which has a large fan base in Latin America. This is everything we know about his next film!

The film was announced on May 9 this year, after the film itself Akira Toriyama confirmed it with a very special message for the fans: “After the premiere of“ Dragon Ball Super: Broly ”, we will be back to work on a new movie!”. Also at that time he advanced: “We are going to enter unexplored territory in terms of visual aesthetics”.

In recent weeks, the magazine V-Jump from Japan took a look at the 21st film of the franchise with an announcement revealing that it will arrive in 2022. You also see a timeline with all the feature films that DB had from 1986 onwards. “A new story is being written in the Dragon Ball movie saga in theaters!”says a message with a red background.

“As in the previous film, I am leading the story and production for another incredible film.”, were Toriyama’s words in the ad with Toei Animation Y Bandai Namco. At the moment we do not have an exact day and too many details of the plot, but fans will be able to discover new tracks soon.

Dragon Ball has a confirmed panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which will take place on July 23th Y It can be seen on its web portal and on its official YouTube channel. They will have the participation of Masako Nozawa, the original voice of Goku, and the producer of the film, Norihiro Hayashida. Information is expected on which character they will focus on in the film, a new trailer, and release day.

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