All about the remake of El Chavo del 8 on Disney +

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El Chavo del 8 It is part of the childhood of millions of people around the world, being one of the favorite programs since childhood. So much is the fanaticism that his own Diego Armando Maradona, one of the biggest celebrities in sport, has declared it to Roberto Gómez Bolaños when they met in 2005. Recently a rumor about a new version appeared, and that is why here we bring you the whole truth.

Currently the Chespirito show is out of broadcast, after being on the air for 49 years without interruption. This novelty puzzled viewers, as there was no particular reason and only what Florinda Meza said is known: “I don’t know what happened, suddenly I see on the news or I find out from the news that it turns out that there was no agreement between the parties and Televisa”.

What is known is that Televisa lost the rights last year. Edgar Vivar, interpreter of El Señor Barriga, noted that the channel was not interested in acquiring the rights to the show or the characters. Who also spoke was Carlos Villaran (Quico) and targeted Chespirito’s son, Roberto Gómez Fernández, accusing him of letting him lose the contract he had with the chain.

+ All about the remake of El Chavo del 8 on Disney +

Faced with this situation and the approach of 50th anniversary of the first chapter of El Chavo del 8 on air, journalist Marcela Godoy assured that A group of Disney lawyers is in conversation with the legal representatives of Roberto Gómez Bolaños to carry out a new version of the series called “La Vecindad del Chavo” on your streaming service.

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The truth is that the platform Disney+ He has neither confirmed nor denied being part of the negotiation, but who did speak out was Roberto Gomez Fernandez, son of the comedian. In a conversation with The National spoke about what they have planned for the future and denied everything: “Animation projects we do have considered and are in development, but we are still developing them on our behalf, with our production company, they still have no addressee”.

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