All about the theory that unites Frozen with Tarzan

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Since the internet became a tool that lives in every home, there were those who took advantage of it to overturn their wildest theories. The world of cinema is full of grays that allow you to think and create stories, and connect films with each other. Not to mention when it comes to forums, as in the case of Lost, where the fans were in charge of discussing everything that happened on the mysterious island, or with the Universe Marvel Cinematic (MCU) and the saga that was born in 2008.

Chris Buck codirigió Tarzan y Frozen. (Getty)

The world of animation is no stranger to this type of practice, and Pixar is the clear example of this. It is full of theories that connect the different animated productions with each other, either through characters or simple objects that seem to anticipate movies. Some easter eggs are more obvious, like Monsters Inc where Boo has a doll of Nemo, and others are more elaborate. On Disney there is a similar situation, and one of the most popular cases is the one that joins Tarzan with Frozen, both films available in Disney+.

What does the theory that connects Tarzan and Frozen says

In 1999, Tarzan it was released in theaters and became one of the last films of the golden age of Disney, who was born a decade ago with The little Mermaid. 14 years later, Frozen came to the cinema hand in hand with Chris Buck, one of the two directors who had also worked on the film of the boy who lived with gorillas in the jungle. Frozen it also had a tragic story involving the parents of the protagonists.

tarzan disney

After the shipwreck, the gorillas raised Tarzan. (IMDb)

In Tarzan’s case, a shipwreck ended with two adults on a remote island, where they began to raise a child until a leopard killed them. On the Frozen side, it was a shipwreck on a trip south of Arendelle that ended the lives of Elsa and Anna’s parents. The connection did not take long to appear on the internet and there were those who said that the ship of both films was the same and that the three protagonists were actually brothers.

The director of Tarzan and Frozen responded to these theories

frozen disney

“Let it Go” is one of the great Disney songs of recent years. (IMDb)

During an interview with MTV, Buck responded to fans that they connected the two movies. Far from discouraging them, he assured: “Whatever people want to believe, go ahead. That’s the spirit of Disney. ” Additionally, he revealed that he chatted with Jen Lee (the co-director of Frozen) about the theory. “I told her that Anna and Elsa’s parents did not die. Yes, there was a shipwreck, but they were at sea a little more than we thought because the mother was pregnant, and she gave birth to a little boy on the boat. They are shipwrecked far away from Scandinavian waters. They end up in the jungle, building a tree house and a leopard kills them, so their baby is raised by gorillas. “

The problem with Frozen 2

Chris Buck’s response was a great gesture to the fans of both productions. Sadly, when Frozen 2 hit the movies, it buried all the theories that had been built around Tarzan and Frozen. In the 2019 sequel, the journey of Elsa and Anna’s parents was resumed, and it was found that what really happened was that they both went north, and not south, in search of an answer to the origin of the powers of the older girls. Along the way, they both died on the ship, on their way to investigate the Enchanted Forest. You can see both movies at Disney+ and check the theories on your own.

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