All American Season 4 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

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All American Season 4 follows the life of Spencer Paysinger, a well-known Super Bowl champion and international sportsman. This season named “All American: Homecoming” tells the life story of Spencer James.

All American Season 4 has already started its second run on CW. The fourth season is bAck again after a small hiatus due to the pandemic. Are you aware of this development? If not, you will find some interesting details related to this sports drama show’s latest season. If you have watched a few episodes, take a stroll back to the memory lane and know some key details of this series here.

All American Season 4 release date

The fourth season, named All American: Homecoming, started airing on 21st February 2022. New episodes are aired each Monday. So, even if you are late, you can always watch the episodes from the CW official channel.

 All American Homecoming episode details

The fourth season will have a total of eleven episodes. The first episode, titled “Survival of the Fittest,” was released on 25th October 2021. The season took a small break after airing its seventh episode, “Prom Night,” on 13th December 2021.

In 2022, CW resumed the second stint of the fourth season. The eighth episode, “Walk This Way,” was aired on 21st February 2022. The final episode, “Liberation,” will be released on 14th March 2022.

 All American Season 4 cast

 As a biographical show, this season will also have an ensemble cast. British Actor Daniel Erza will reprise the role of Spencer. On the other hand, Karmiah Westbook will reprise the role of Grace James, Spencer’s mother. Samantha Logan will be seen as Olivia Baker, and Bre-Z will reprise the role of Tamia Cooper. Besides that, Greta Onieogou(Layla Keating), Cody Christian(Asher Adamas), Michael Evans Behling(Jordan Baker), Chelsea Tavares(Oatinece), Jalyn Hall(Dillion James), Taye Diggs(Billy Baker) will also return for the fourth season.

Spencer is a talented young footballer who wants to make it big on the sports field. This young man from South LA moves to Beverly Hills High. He struggles to cope in Beverly Hills from Crenshaw. Nevertheless, he is determined to win and make every moment count. From a shabby neighborhood to the safe location of Beverly Hills, he experiences a drastic change. The changed atmosphere also causes some rift with his close pals as well!

The All American Season 4 starts from the Season 3 cliffhanger. Spencer has got another push while playing for the Beverly Hills team. On the other hand, his friendship with Jordan faces a hurdle when Jordan is pushed back to the reserve due to his injury. Spencer and Olivia are finally a couple. 

But, he again faces some more challenges on both the professional and personal front. His prom date with Olivia runs into some hurdles in-game he also feels stronger opponents and some initial issues. Season 4 will show how Spencer copes with these new challenges and the role of a dedicated boyfriend.

 How to stream the All American new season?

 The CW channel airs episodes every Monday at 8 PM. If you have CW’s official app, you can also stream the fourth season on the official website and app. The CW app is available for Playstore, VIZIO Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and ios store, and Xbox.

If you have Fubo TV service, you can watch the episodes live on your TV or through the FuboTV app.

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Those not in the US need to wait for a bit longer to catch the All American Season 4. Season 4 may be available on Netflix after its complete run on CW. In the case of the third season, the Netflix users got to view the episodes after 21 days of the final episode on CW TV.

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