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All Artists Who Have Headlined a Ford Field Concert

All Artists Who Have Headlined a Ford Field Concert

Ford Field, which opened in 2022, has quickly established itself as the home of the Detroit Lions. Beyond its primary function as a sports venue, it has hosted a variety of major events, including the Super Bowl, WrestleMania, the MAC football championship, and the MHSAA football and wrestling state championships. The Quick Lane Bowl college football game also takes place here, cementing its status as an iconic sporting venue.

However, Ford Field isn’t just for sports. It has also become a prime location for concerts, featuring performances from some of the music industry’s top artists.

From Hip-Hop to Country, Metal to Christian Rock, there isn’t much that Detroit’s largest stage hasn’t witnessed. Despite this, only the best of the best have had the honor of headlining a stadium tour at Ford Field, provided their tours included a stop in Detroit. This has left some notable talents yet to grace this stage, but those who have performed there have drawn impressive crowds ranging from 40,000 to 96,000.

Surprisingly, Ford Field has hosted only 44 concerts in its 22-year history, with some artists giving back-to-back performances. A select few acts have even made multiple appearances. Despite this, concerts are becoming increasingly common at the stadium. Before 2010, Ford Field had hosted just seven concerts, not counting consecutive night performances. In contrast, there have been 13 shows since 2020 alone.

As for the future, only two more concerts are scheduled for 2024. George Strait will make his debut appearance on July 13. In August, Kenny Chesney will further extend his record for the most performances at Ford Field.

Please take a look below at every artist who has headlined a concert at Ford Field.

Ford Field has hosted 44 concerts in its 22-year history. These are the headliners.

Source: Townsquare Media