All Blood, the ambitious StarzPlay series filmed in Mexico with Ana Brenda Contreras and Aarón Díaz

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For decades, Mexico it is one of the leading countries in audiovisual content. The entertainment industry and, above all, soap operas is recognized worldwide. And in the era of streaming, the country is also positioned as a truly outstanding Latin American exponent. He has already shown it with multiple productions in Netflix, HBO Max Y Amazon Prime Video and now with a new series of StarzPlay. Is about All blood, starring none other than Ana Brenda Contreras Y Aaron Diaz.

Ana Brenda Contreras will play the detective in the case Edith Mondragón (Photo: Courtesy StarzPlay)

The show is an adaptation of the book All the blood written by Bernardo Esquinca and began filming in the Federal District only a few days ago. The project is truly ambitious and according to its own protagonists it will show Mexico in a way that was rarely seen on television. In addition to StarzPlay, the series is a production of Spiral International, Fremantle Media and Pantaya.

The All Blood team unveils details of the new StarzPlay series

This Thursday, August 12, the team of All blood met in the library of the Museum Franz Mayer in Mexico City to tell the media from different parts of the world what this series is like. The virtual press conference began with the word of Zasha Robles, the producer and showrunner of this imposing proposal.

In the place they were also present Ana Brenda, Aarón Díaz, Yoshira Escárraga, and Clementina Guadarrama and one of the directors Same Day. In a virtual way, the actor joined Antonio Trejo Sánchez and the director of the first chapters Luis Prieto. This is how the “claquetazo” took place celebrating the filming in different and iconic parts of Mexico.


Aarón Díaz plays a journalist (Photo: Gentileza StarzPlay)

Everyone agreed that this series will show the country as it has never been seen before“I feel privileged. The team in this series is exceptional. We have managed to film in familiar spaces but from another perspective. There are very interesting dialogues about who we Mexicans are. We are expressing a Mexico that has not been seen before.”, indicated Same Day.

On the other hand, Ana Brenda said she was proud of her character and that she felt it as “a challenge to everything she had been doing on television.” Likewise, Aarón Díaz stated that All blood It is a “100% Mexican” series that will show Mexico in different ways. “It is a dream come true”, he expressed.


Hari Sama, the director of All Blood (Photo: Courtesy StarzPlay)

Filming All blood It will have 12 weeks and will use locations in Mexico City, with great history and mysticism, among which are: Xochimilco, The Museum of Anthropology, the Zócalo and the Old Archbishop’s Palace among many others.

What is All Blood about

All the blood is a thriller consisting of 10 episodes, where Casasola, played by Díaz, is a red-note reporter who joins forces with the police lieutenant Edith mondragon, interpreted by Contreras and Elisa, interpreted by Yoshira Escárraga, an anthropologist from INAH, with the aim of deciphering a series of murders that have shocked the country. Together they travel through Mexico City chasing a ritual murderer whose peculiarity is to recreate ancient Aztec sacrifices.

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