All characters and cast from The Last of Us series confirmed so far (updated)

The Last of Us has become one of the HBO’s most anticipated series. As its development progresses, we learn new details that have to do with the cast, the time it will cover, how it will change with respect to video games and much more. This time we have decided gather all confirmed characters and actors / actresses so you can have them on hand and get to know them a little more.

Pedro Pascal is Joel Miller

Pedro Pascal will play Joel, protagonist of the first video game and protector of Ellie, who will travel through post-apocalyptic America in search of a cure for the zombie problem. Pascal first became known as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones and has continued to add great roles as Javier Peña in Narcos and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian.

Bella Ramsey es Ellie

Bella Ramsey will accompany Pascal on his adventure as Ellie, the young survivor and the answer to the post-apocalyptic problem. Like Pascal, Bella Ramsey made a name for herself in Game of Thrones as the young ruler Lyanna Mormont. Although at first it did not convince the fans, little by little it has been made with its acceptance.

Nico Parker’s Sarah

In June it was confirmed that Nico Parker joined the cast of the series The Last of Us to play Sarah, Joel’s daughter. She is one of the lesser-known actresses in the cast, whose most prominent work so far is in 2019’s Dumbo.

Gabriel Luna is Tommy

In April it was announced that Gabriel Luna joined the cast to play Tommy, Joel’s brother, a former soldier trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The Last of Us will mark Luna’s return to HBO following her role in the second season of True Detective, though she may be best known for playing Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider, in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Merle Dandridge as Marlene

Merle Dandridge is the only one of the original video game cast to play her character in the series: she voiced Marlene in The Last of Us and in a flashback to The Last of Us Part II, and now resumes his role as leader of the Fireflies on the HBO series. He has appeared on series such as Sons of Anarchy and NCIS.

Anna Torv es Tess

Anna Torv is probably one of the most important members of the cast alongside Pedro Pascal. Torv will play Tess, the fellow smuggler who accompanies Joel at the beginning of the 2013 video game. Help Joel begin his adventure with Ellie. It has been confirmed that this character will benefit from the changes in the series with respect to the video game, as Tess will be a much more recurring character.

Jeffrey Pierce es Perry

The irony of The Last of Us series: Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Tommy in both Naughty Dog games, was confirmed as part of the series’ cast … but not to play his video game character. This time he will play Perry, whose description says that he is a rebel who lives in one of the country’s quarantine zones.

With O’Neill is Bill

With O’Neill he will play one of the most curmudgeonly characters in the video game: Bill, a cheat-crazy survivor living in a small town in Boston. Those who have played the 2013 video game will surely remember it, as it is impossible to forget a person so obsessed with security. Also, he had his differences with Ellie. In his most important and recent works is his appearance in the incredible Chernobyl series.

Murray Bartlett es Frank

Murray Bartlett has been cast to play Frank, Bill’s partner briefly mentioned in the game. It is possible that this is one of the characters that is most benefited by the changes in the series with respect to the video game. You can recognize Bartlett from his appearance in Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Nick Offerman es ¿Bill?

Nick Offerman (The Office. Yes, the one with memes) joins the cast of The Last of Us to play an unknown character. We have some clues. As Murray Bartlett (Frank) has commented to The Guardian: “many of my scenes are with Nick Offerman “. Since Bartlett plays Frank, it could be that Offerman replaces O’Neil as Bill, or it could be some character who joins Bill and Frank’s plot.

Brad Leland is Mr. Adler

Finally, Brad Leland joined the cast of the series The Last of Us to play a character who has been dubbed “Mr. Adler.” Leland is known for his role as Buddy Garrity on the NBC / DirecTV series Friday Night Lights.

The Last of Us writer and producer Craig Mazin also confirmed that the first season will consist of 10 episodes, each costing more than $ 10 million. Additionally, Neil Druckmann, Executive Producer, has noted that the series’ story will “deviate a lot” from the events of the game because a series cannot be structured in the same way. He assures that the series will improve what has been seen so far and does not intend to undo it.

Production on HBO’s The Last of Us is expected to end in June 2022.

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