All For One: My Hero Academia

All For One My Hero Academia

Every superhero story requires a villain, doesn’t it? And an overarching villain who is more powerful than the heroes seems to be an ideal fit for such stories. So, if you have been watching the My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) anime or are an ardent fan of the manga, you already know All for One!

Kohei Horikoshi’s creation All for One is not a villain who just fights. He also directs other villains through his League of Villains. This dangerous supervillain has even managed to put an end to the career of All Might!

So, are you ready to know all the details about my Hero Academia antagonist, All For One? Delve deeper to uncover the sinister mysteries!

All for One Appearance and Age

All For One appears to be an adult man with a deformed face. He is always seen clothed in dapper suits and has white hair.

Even before losing his facial structure in a battle, his whole face was not shown. At present, he has two tubes connected to his throat to breathe. After his face is deformed, he wears a skull-like mecha mask with life support tubes while battling All Might and other heroes.

All for one is extremely old and has survived for ages. He stole the Life Force Quirk from Dr. Kyudai Garaki and used this quirk to elongate his life. Due to this stolen quirk, this supervillain has managed to survive despite getting a hard beating from All Might. Although he lost his face and power to breathe, he continues to leave.

He even rose in power again even after revealing such a bad defeat!

Real Identity of All For One

All For One was one of the Shigaraki brothers. His first name is not known. They lived before the Era of Quirks happened. As young children, he and his brother read all types of Captain Hero comics. But, the villain started displaying his sinister motives in his childhood.

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He was more attracted to the villains and thought the heroes got a cliched victory over the villains. His dream was to rule the world as the Demon King, where villains are the winners.

But, everything changed after the Era of Quirk came into existence. He got the All for One quirk. His quirk allowed him to steal quirk from any person, and he was even able to distribute the stolen quirks among all the villains and his henchmen.

All For One’s Rise as a Villain

True to his motive, All for One became unstoppable when he realized the true potential of his power. He started to steal quirks from people and made a huge collection of those stolen quirks to add to his strength.

But, he did not prefer to indulge in face-to-face battle, instead operated from the shadows. He established the League of Villains with all the villains and continued to torment the heroes and common people alike.

His Standoff Against His Brother

But, this man never dreamt that his brother would rise to be his opponent. Seeing his brother becoming a villain, Yoichi decided to stop his brother’s progress.

But, All for One wanted his brother to join hands with him. To convince Yoichi, he offered the latter a lot of stolen quirks.

But, this suddenly backfired against him. All for one was unaware that his brother had a unique quirk. Yoichi was able to pass his power and quirk to the next generation.

This combined effort somehow created the most promising quirk, One For All, which is currently under the possession of Izuku Midoriya.

All For One: The Mastermind and Powerful Villain

Like any supervillain, he holds a manipulative and mysterious, and enigmatic aura. He can easily delve into complex plans within minutes.

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He even managed to take Tomura under his wings and made him his successor. All for One first met Dr. Kyudai and transferred his own quirk into Tomura Shigaraki to ensure he became the proper pawn for him. He also got partial control of Tomura’s body and continues to do so.

After his capture in the Tartarus great prison of Japan, he even managed to break free. All for One directed Shigaraku to hit Tartarus to ensure his real body was freed again.

Here is an analysis of his powers in detail:

To the core, this villainous Sigiraki brother is a psychopath. He will not stop till he fulfills his goal of taking control of Japan. Instead of direct fear and battle, he chose manipulation, exploitation, and other fraudulent techniques to rise to power.

As a supervillain, he is also overconfident and expects his palms are perfect and best.

All for One also does not believe in morality and justice as a true villain. He considers these false ideologies. For him, his criminal crimes, including killing people, are necessary to restore the balance.

All for One my hero academia
All for One in action

But, what makes him different is his calm and composed nature. He remains extremely chill even when he is defeated or in dire situations. He also does not hesitate to sacrifice his subjects for his mission.

His other uncanny trait is his optimism! He remains optimistic and never becomes angry. He even told Tomura that he was not angry or disappointed and that Tomura would get more chances to show his ability.

His only frustration is being crippled and defeated in the hands of All Might. But, he also displays his satisfaction as All Might is no longer an active hero.

Even though he wanted to keep his brother on his side, ultimately, he failed.

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His aura and enigma have allowed him to amass a large number of villains under his wings. His sheer power has allowed him to train numerous villains. He was so enigmatic that any p[eopel died in shock when they served no purpose for All in One’s goal. On top of that, he manipulated many villains to willingly give their life.

This man also has the uncanny ability to induce fear in people. He was so fearsome that students of class 1-A went paralyzed, and many saw their death in his eyes.

Not just his intelligence, All for One is also considerably strong. He possessed super strength and could match up against All Might in hand-to-hand combat. He even managed to throw All Might in the air just with a punch.

All for One my hero academia
All for One without the mask

On top of that, he also has enhanced senses and a heightened sense of sound, hearing after losing his eyesight.

The story has taken an interesting turn as All for One now intends to steal back the One for All quirk from Izuku. This villain is now hell-bent on making his dream of a villainous era come true.

All for One is a real supervillain because he is intelligent and can steal quirks. He manages to steal quirks at the right time. He is also obsessed over the quirk of his brother and aims to steal that quirk by any means. This obsession has led him to steal quirks that were not even useful to him.

Ending Notes:

All for One becomes a dreaded supervillain due to his sinister motives and manipulative nature. He is intelligent, a master strategist, strong, and has the unique ability to steal quirks from others. All of these powers make him a difficult target to defeat.

The future will tell if Deku can stop him for good!

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