All for the pasta: 530 senior officials save salaries of up to € 118,000 thanks to the ERC and Junts pact

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Separatism always threatens, but ends up staying there. Seven seconds lasted Carles Puigdemont the declaration of independence and it was a clamor that ERC and JxCAT would end up agreeing before going to the polls again in Catalonia. The deal in extremis reached this Monday saves for the independence movement 530 senior positions in the Generalitat of Catalonia, more than half with salaries between 85,000 and 118,000 euros. With a cost of 43 million euros per year, the Catalan is the most generous autonomous administration in Spain in this area.

Was JxCAT in a position to lose 252 high positions that allow the survival of its most important cadres? Those of Puigdemont enjoy in the current Government of 160 senior positions, and have voice and vote in the election of the 92 managers of public entities that depend on the ministries that it currently manages.

It is true that since it is now the junior partner of the future Government, JxCAT loses the Presidency, which is the department with the greatest capacity to make political appointments (65 senior positions and temporary personnel at the moment) and directors of public organizations (20 positions, among which are counted ten people who earn more than 100,000 euros).

But the agreement reached with ERC will allow JxCAT, for example, to manage the Health portfolio, which is the department on which the most managerial positions of public entities outside the government structure depend, a total of 52. Among these, the two people Those with the highest salaries are the manager of the Hospital del Mar, Olga Pané (126,000 euros), and the director of the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Joan Comella (123,000 euros).

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Those from Puigdemont have also taken over the Foreign Ministry, one of the departments with the highest salaries. Forty-two senior foreign officials earn more than the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, among them the fifteen heads of the Catalan ’embassies’ opened by the world.

In addition, since the colonization of the autonomous administration by the independence movement expands each legislature, JxCAT will control from now on a newly created body, the commissioner that will be created for the management of European Next Generations funds.

No autonomous community in Spain reaches the expense of Catalonia in terms of the deployment of senior positions and their corresponding salaries. The president of the Generalitat earns 153,250 euros and the directors, 115,000. The number two of these pocketed 91,240 euros and the general directors, 87,450. All of them receive more than the President of the Government of Spain, who earns 85,608 euros, and his four vice-presidents.

In the Community of Madrid, which has a population and GDP similar to that of Catalonia, the top positions amount to 150, they are less than half that of the Generalitat. The Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, receives 103,000 euros, 100,000 its directors and 75,000 the directors of areas.

A Government distributed 50%

The new Government agreed by ERC and JCAT consists of 14 councils distributed 50% between the two partners. ERC will manage the portfolios of the Presidency (macrodepartment with Public Function, Local World, Universal Basic Income, Institutional Relations and Sports), Interior, Education, Business and Labor, Feminism and Equality, Climate Action and Culture.

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JxCAT will have in its hands the Vice Presidency and Economy and Finance, Health, Digital Policies and Infrastructures, Research and Universities, Justice and Social Rights.

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