‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Season 2: Everything We Know About Renewal

Recently the new Netflix original series produced in Korea called All Of Us Are Dead” premiered and has been a total success.

Now that people have enjoyed and devoured like a good zombie the first season we are ready for the second.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Renewal

Before the release of the first season, the trailer managed to have millions of views.

The inspiration for this series came from a webtoon called “Now oat our Scol” directed by Joo Dong Keun in 2009 which has more than 130 episodes, that is, we have had a series for a while.

The end of the first season left the way open for a second installment, although there has been no official announcement about this.

If you have not finished seeing it here comes a spoiler that you may or may not want to avoid. In the last chapter of All Of Us Are Dead, one of the surviving students is separated from the group because he is no longer human but he is not a zombie or this is in limbo the poor one.

Neither the protagonists nor the production. They have shared details or more information about a second season the way is more than open so that we continue to see how the infection of those who did not become zombies evolves and the possibility of finding a second vaccine.

As we told you, the original story has 130 episodes that were published between 2009 and 2011 so it is more than certain that we have more than one season.

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At the end of this season, the students arrive in the safe zone and remain overwhelmed by everything that has happened to their classmates and what the future holds.

Undeniably it is one of the best series that Netflix has recently premiered and Korea has created excellent productions of its own that are making it position itself as one of the greats within audiovisual entertainment at an international level such as Hollywood and Bollywood.

We hope to have more information officially in the coming days to know the direction we will see in the second season that will surely be on Netflix of All Of Us Are Dead.

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