All references to the MCU in the final episode of Loki!

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The final episode of Loki find the God of Deception next to Sylvie at the end of time where they discover that the true guardian of the timeline is Kang the Conqueror. He reveals to them that it is necessary to control the time to avoid a war between the different realities, something that already happened in the past. The variants of this character seem to be truly terrifying from what he said in his conversation with Loki y Sylvie.

Loki created it y Sylvie no. An important reference: Alioth. The creature is key to Kang have managed to control time through VAT. There is also a place for them to talk about Guardians of Time. They never existed. Kang was always behind everything!

The references in the final episode of Loki

“He Who Remains”, as presented Miss Minutes, also refers to other facts well known to the followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Battle of New York and the Avengers are part of the speech that the character uses to convince Loki. He also mentions the name of Thanos and the possibility of killing the Mad Titan. “Do you want the Infinity Gauntlet? You got it. ¿The Throne of Asgard? Also“.

The series was ahead of films like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Y Spider-Man: No Way Home in presenting the concept of multiverse within the MCU And, as the final episode shows, the timeline is totally separated into branches that will feature divergent variants of known characters.

The end of the episode finds the God of Deception in the offices of the VAT, but Mobius does not recognize it. It is a different reality. Then, Loki see a statue of Kang the Conqueror. The villain has a look similar to that of the comics. Will this be the version of the character that will participate in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania?

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Loki is the series of Disney+ that has the most impact on the MCU Phase 4. The different timelines signify variants of known characters and there is already a winner in the audience who wants to see those alternate versions cross over: Spider-Man. Are the actions of Loki y Sylvie will be the main reason behind the SpiderVerse? We will have to wait …

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