All series and movie premieres on Starz Play for December 2021

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We are getting closer and closer to the month that will close a new year for the streaming service Starz Play and the intention is to complete it in the best way. That is why the platform will be renewed with new film and television content, just as Netflix has done, its great competitor in the quest to add subscribers. The Great 2, Hightown 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be some of the titles that will arrive soon. These are the premieres for December 2021!

+ Starz Play Releases for December 2021


– The Great | Temporada 2
Release date: December 19 and new episode every Sunday
In season two of “The Great,” Catherine finally takes the Russian throne on her own, but she quickly learns that dethroning her husband was just the beginning. Now, he must face the realities of “liberating” a country that does not want to be free. Her struggle to bring enlightenment to Russia will mean facing her own court and those closest to her, including her own mother (played by guest star Gillian Anderson).

– Hightown | Temporada 2
Release date: Decembre 19th
The perfect version of Cape Cod collides with its off-season reality of drug addiction and despair. Jackie Quiñones, achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a state trooper, wants to do something good in this world.

– Power Book II: Ghost | Temporada 2
Now available: new episode every Sunday

For the first time alone, Tariq St. Patrick divides his time between school and the rush to pay for his mother’s defense attorney. When he runs out of options, Tariq turns to a familiar drug game.

– Malayerba
Now available: new episode every Sunday.

The story of Félix, Mariana and Ignacio, three young, intelligent and ambitious entrepreneurs who are betting on a market that has just been legalized in Colombia: medicinal cannabis. Your company becomes the dream of every entrepreneur.


– The Amazing Spider-Man 2: La Amenaza de Electro
Release date: December 1st
Peter Parker’s life is not like that of any teenager. The young man combines his time fighting against the evil turned into Spider-Man and studying at the institute together with the girl he loves, Gwen.

– 47 Ronin
Available from November 25

After a treacherous warlord slays their lord and banishes them, 47 intrepid samurai vow to avenge themselves and regain the honor of their own.

– Scarface
Available from November 25

When Fidel Castro opened the border so that Cubans who had family in Miami could leave, 125 thousand people left Cuba with dreams of freedom and a new life.

– Rude and Corny
Now available

The brothers Beto (Diego Luna) and Tato (Gael García Bernal) Verdusco work on a banana ranch and play soccer for their hometown team.


– A Christmas in royal fashion
Release date: December 1st
A handsome prince hopes to convince an American fashion company to bring more business to his kingdom. He hosts a Christmas fashion show, where he meets an intriguing young assistant, Kristin Cooper, who has been put in charge of the annual Christmas fashion show and auction.

– A Christmas wedding
Release date: December 1st
Haley Foster escaped her childhood in a small town in Pineridge and built a great life in the city of Los Angeles as one of the best wedding planners. When her sister asks her to plan their wedding, Haley returns home and is reunited with a childhood sweetheart.

– Almost Christmas
Release date: December 1st
“Almost Christmas” is the festive story of a beloved patriarch who asks his family for a gift this holiday season: to get along.

– A not so holy Santa
Release date: December 1st
Two criminals have the custom of dressing up as Saint Nicholas and an elf to rob stores during Christmas celebrations. However, this year, one of them is feeling unmotivated, depressed and despondent. This may be the beginning of a major change in your way of life.

– Christmas on request
Release date: December 1st
When architect and Christmas buff Steven (Jonathan Bennett) finds himself hosting his family for Christmas, he enlists Holiday Coordinator Gretchen (Alexa PenaVega) to bring holiday cheer into his home.

– Christmas under wraps
Release date: December 1st
When an aspiring surgeon is turned down for a fellowship, she takes a temporary position as a GP in a small town in Alaska in an effort to improve her resume.

– Dear Secret Santa
Release date: December 1st
Jennifer begins to exchange letters with a secret admirer from her past. Now that you have a second chance at love, can you take advantage of it?

– A crazy Christmas
Release date: December 1st
It’s the holiday season and the scattered members of the Rodriguez family gather at their parents’ home in Chicago to celebrate. But, no family gathering is free of conflict.

– Christmas tree
Release date: December 1st
When a big city girl returns to save her childhood Christmas Tree Farm from development, she is faced with life’s challenges that she decided to leave behind.

– Tyler Perrys Madea’s Christmas
Release date: December 1st
Madea is cajoled into helping a friend to pay a surprise visit to her daughter who lives in the country over Christmas. But the biggest surprise is what they take when they arrive. As the town prepares for its annual Christmas party, new secrets are revealed and old friendships are put to the test as Madea serves everyone her own brand of Christmas spirit.

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