“All the blood”: Aarón Díaz and Ana Brenda Contreras began filming the series

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The Mexicans Y Ana Brenda Contreras The filming of “All Blood” began on Tuesday, the companies Pantaya, Starzplay and Spiral International announced in a statement.

Spanish director Luis Prieto (“Kidnap”, 2017) and Mexican director Hari Sama (“This is not Berlin”, 2019) will go behind the scenes in this television production.

Based on the work of the writer Bernardo Esquinca, “All the blood” focuses on the journalist Eugenio Casasola (Díaz) and Lieutenant Edith Mondragón (Contreras), who join forces to decipher a series of mysterious murders in Mexico City that seem imitate Aztec sacrifices.

“All the blood” will have ten episodes and its “showrunnrer” (head of a series) will be Zasha Robles (“Falco”, 2018).

“We are very fortunate to be able to work with such talented creators as Luis Prieto, Hari Sama, Aaron Díaz and Ana Brenda Contreras, as well as the Fremantle Mexico production team (for international distribution), who make up the ideal team to create our Aztec thriller ‘All blood’Zasha Robles said.

For his part, Mario Almeida, who is the content director of the Pantaya platform, assured that this series “will explore the complex cultural heritage of Mexico through unforgettable images and characters.”

“Toda la Sangre ‘has a creative team and an incredibly talented cast that will bring to life this sophisticated story set in Mexico and against the backdrop of some of Mexico City’s most iconic architectural works,” he added. Starz’s president of international channels, Superna Kalle.

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