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The sixth episode of What If …?, The Marvel Studios anthology series for the Disney Plus platform, is now available to the entire community. Most of the MCU’s production has been part of the latest installment, while other stars were replaced. Let’s see who was part of the production and if you managed to identify each one.


The new installment of What If …? reveals the alternate history of what would happen if Eric Killmonger, the former Navy SEAL villain turned mercenary, rescues Tony Stark before he falls into the hands of the Ten Rings organization. The result is that the two work together to create an army of drones, charting a new course that allows the soldier and the son of N’Jobu to take over the mantle of Black Panther.

The episode features numerous overlapping MCU stories and settings, ranging from Stark Industries to Birnin Zana. As a result, numerous familiar characters reappear in different contexts, including some who left the MCU long ago.

MARVEL | Personajes de What If…?

El Vigilante – Jeffrey WrightKillmonger – Michael B. JordanHappy Hogan – Jon FavreauT’Challa/Black Panther – Chadwick BosemanQueen Ramonda – Angela BassettOkoye – Danai GuriraUlysses Klaue – Andy SerkisJames Rhodes – Don CheadleJarvis – Paul BettanyChristine Everhart – Leslie BibbT’Chaka – John CaniTony Stark/Iron Man – Mick WingertObadiah Stane – Kiff VandenheuvelPepper Potts – Beth HoytGeneral Ross – Mike McGillShuri – Ozioma Akagha

MARVEL | Hawkeye Questions

What motivates Kate? We have seen that she is a fan of the Avenger, but there is no more compelling motivation. Maybe it’s all a trick or there really is something else.

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What happened to Laura Barton? Clint’s wife, Laura (Linda Cardellini), has proven to be an important part of Hawkeye’s history. Although Clint is seen and heard on the phone with someone in the trailer, saying he should be home soon, the person no one hears on the other end of the line could easily be one of his children. Could it be that Laura is no longer in the UCM? Or did the couple break up?

Is Hawkeye still working for the Avengers? Given that the MCU has not communicated with Clint Barton since the events of Endgame, there are still some important logistical questions to answer about how he is living now, that is, whether he is still a member of the Avengers or not. The trailer suggests that Clint has slowed down a bit, rather than prioritizing catching up on the time he had lost with his family.

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