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With the trilogy of The Kissing Booth, Netflix skipped the common teen story. The films, which follow the life of Elle Evans (Joey King) are a current classic and, as a result, the entire cast catapulted to international fame attracting both young and old alike. That is, just like King, his co-stars Jacob Elordi, the singer of Noah Flynn and Joel Courtney, who plays Lee Flynn, are now one of the platform’s favorite threesomes.

Jacob Elordi in his role as Noah. Photo: (Netflix)

That is why, every time one of the protagonists of The Kissing Booth celebrates some special date, fans do not hesitate to honor them. And, that is exactly what happens today, June 26, with Jacob Elordi, who is celebrating 24 years in the midst of professional success since also, in addition to the streaming giant’s trilogy, he is part of the cast of Euphoria, the series that stars with Zendaya.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Jacob is the son of John and Melissa Elordi, has three older sisters and even Spanish ancestry. This is a fact that you probably overlooked, but the relationship with the Spanish language comes from his mother. Regarding his acting career, he showed interest in the field from a very young age and participated in many school plays.

Even so, his big leap to the big screen was when he participated in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, a film in which he was as an extra, but with which he got his next leading role in The Kissing Booth. This Netflix production was the one that introduced us to Jacob Elordi in all its glory and then his prowess continued to be demonstrated in the drama series Euphoria on HBO where he played Nate Jacobs.

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A fan of rugby, a sport he often practices, and of motorcycles, Jacob Elordi He is also a writer and model. In addition, at his young age and his multifaceted characteristics already lead him to become one of the new promises of Hollywood and, of course, one of the most beloved young gallants.


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