All the movies and series released on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon and Movistar + November 2021

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We are on November 3, the penultimate of the year 2021. A new month begins and with it 4 weeks of new series, films, documentaries and specials. At Betech we have gathered all the premieres of six platforms –Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ – in a single news item, and with links so that you can see the complete list of premieres. Let’s start, there are literally hundreds of titles to show:

NETFLIX noviembre 2021

The VOD platform that premieres the most each month, this November Netflix is ​​below the premieres it had in October -100 last month vs 69 this month-, but even so there are many interesting and high-profile premieres, including a film with 3 of the biggest – and certainly the most expensive – Hollywood stars today.

On November 12 it opens Red alert, second Netflix film with Ryan Reynolds – after Michael Bay’s successful 6 Underground – and also Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and The Rock in an action and robbery film on stages around the globe that promises spectacularity to bag and set pieces at the level of the Fast & Furious saga. And the 3 arrives The harder will be the fall, a western with protagonists like Idris Elba in which an outlaw seeks to reunite his old gang to hunt down an old enemy for revenge.

As for series, the hooligan animation of Big Mouth and its serious issues such as mental health, divorce and the reality of many friends; also comes back Narcos: Mexico with a third season in which we will experience drug trafficking in the 90s, with Gallardo in jail, the Sinaloa cartel with Chapo Guzman formed and, in Colombia, Pablo Escobar beginning his narco-terror.

For fans of games, Netflix continues with its animated adaptations (and live actions) and this month we have Arcane, based on the League of Legends universe and that tells the origins of characters that come from the regions of Piltover and Zaun. And without a doubt, the thing that will make the most viral noise will be the second season of Tiger King, with the return of the epic Joe Exotic and his feline zoo, being accused of having hired nothing less than a hit man.

And of course, the season 1 of Cowboy Bebop, The strongest bet of the month with a live-action version of the popular Japanese manganime, a kind of national western with the bounty hunter Bebop and his companions as they go through the universe hunting criminals.

Complete list of Netflix releases for November 2021

HBO MAX SPAIN November 2021

Last week HBO Max arrived in Spain, which has come with these premieres in its new VOD service -or rather, improved and expanded:

Warner Bros. titles

  • The Harry Potter Saga
  • Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Dunkerque
  • The Lord of the Rings saga
  • The glow
  • A clockwork orange

DC titles

  • Joker
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Aquaman
  • Batman v Superman
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League

HBO Originals

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Sopranos
  • Succession
  • Secrets of a Marriage
  • The Undoing
  • Sex in New York
  • Euphoria

Originals from Max

  • The Flight Attendant
  • Gossip Girl
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Friends: The Reunion
  • Kamikaze (Denmark)
  • All the Other (Spain)
  • Come Juan (Spain)
  • Garcia! (Spain)
  • Beforeigners Season 2 (Norway)
  • Ruxx (Romania)
  • The Informant (Hungary)
  • The Thaw (Polonia)
  • Still Here (Polonia)

Family titles

  • Tom y jerry
  • The Super Chicks
  • The Looney Tunes

MOVISTAR + November 2021

As the memes that run through Twitter and other networks point out, this week we are already 2 months away from 2022 and we are still processing what happened in 2020. And it is that this 2021 -like last year- is happening at a speed of Vertigo. It seems like yesterday when we started with the June premieres that would open the summer. And today we talk about those of September already.

As always, Movistar + is the queen in terms of the most recent film premieres, very focused this month less on Blockbusters AAA and yes on more intimate things, mixing mega-shows such as Kong vs Godzilla with indies like A promising young woman, or the return of the serial killer Dexter. We are going to review everything that the VOD platform will release in the penultimate month of the year.

Complete list of Movistar + premieres for November 2021


We start with the return of a classic on Spanish TV and also a reference in terms of the fantastic homeland, since no less than 50 years after its premiere it returns Stories for not sleeping by Chicho Ibañez Serrador, with 4 episodes directed by 4 directors such as Paula Ortiz, Paco Plaza, Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Rodrigo Cortés in which some of the best stories told in the series are updated.

Also, continuing with the theme of self-produced sports documentaries, Prime Video brings us a documentary about one of the best athletes in the history of Spain, Pau Gasol, that this same month he announced his retirement from the basketball courts after playing his last game in March 2019. And for those who follow both the world of heart and music, a docuseries starring Omar montes, one of the Spanish singers of the moment.

The music goes on with Everybody Loves Natti, about the intimate life of the Dominican singer Natti Nathasha. And for those who like the theme of fantastic worlds, an original Prime called La reuda del tiempo, set in a universe in which only some women can access the magic that this world offers. The story follows the character of Moiraine after his arrival in a small town in Dos Río where he will embark on a dangerous journey with five young men.

We also have the film Stay at home, which tells a story in which two years after a pandemic, a group of friends organize an online party. After consuming some substances that are harmful to health, the safety of your home becomes more terrifying than the chaos that exists outside.

And the spanish tape Derailed, in which four twenty-somethings who undertook a dream trip in the year 2000: Interrail, an experience that made their friends get lost. Twenty years later, after the death of Juan Luis, the 3 friends are preparing to resume that trip under the last will of Juan Luis, in addition to asking him to take his ashes with them so that they can “live” the experience.

Full list of Amazon Prime Video releases for November 2021

DISNEY + November 2021

After an October focused on Halloween, Disney+ It is ready to burst audiences with its November catalog, which contains some of its heavyweights of the year and also highly anticipated releases. We are going to review them all, because Disney + premieres for November they come loaded.

We started with the beast, with the premiere for all subscribers of Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 rings, the second of the 3 Marvel UCM of this 2021 -after Black Widow and just before The Eternals-, an absolute joy Wuxia mixed with the Marvelian DNA that presents us with an adventure film and martial arts fights in a movie of those of enjoy a lot.

And we continue, because that same day -telita on November 12- we have the open premiere of Jungle Cruise, one of those titles that Disney had delayed due to the pandemic and that is an adventure film in the purest and most classic sense of the term, with The Rock and Emily Blunt entering the heart of the Amazon. And to finish Finally alone at home, the remake -or pseudo-sequel- of the quintessential Christmas icon that is Home Alone.

But there is more, because in November the exclusive series of Hawk Eye, that after Loki and Wandavision there is a lot of desire to see her, especially because of the unexpected ‘Die Hard’ tone and that Jeremy Renner trapped in the middle of a conspiracy that promises to ruin the perfect Christmas that he wanted to spend with his family.

Promises also Dopesick, a series based on how a single company, Big Pharma, sparked the worst drug addiction epidemic in American history. And if someone needed more The Beatles: Get Back, a documentary about the Beatles directed by none other than Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and Heavenly Creatures.

Full list of Disney + premieres for November 2021

FILMIN November 2021

Always oriented towards a different type of viewer who is more inclined towards Author Cinema and National and International Indie / Independent Cinema, the Filmin platform has a catalog that covers a variety of genres, bringing together series, films and shorts.

Quite a few and very interesting things that the service opens in November, highlighting a (re) premiere such as Valhalla Rising, the brutal and visceral film about Vikings that the ‘auteur’ Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive, The Neon Demon) signed and it just came out in Spain on bluray at last. Or Violation, a feminine and feminist vision of ‘Rape & Revenge’ with an evocative photograph but scenes of revenge not suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Full list of Filmin premieres for November 2021


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