All the movies and series released on Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Amazon and Movistar + August 2021

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We are August 3, a new month starts and with it 4 weeks of new series, films, documentaries and specials. At Betech we have gathered all the premieres of six platforms –Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +– in a single news item, and with links so that you can see the complete list of premieres. Let’s start, there are literally hundreds of titles to show:

NETFLIX agosto 2021

As is often the case, Netflix, the queen of VOD -although Disney + is getting very close-, is one of those that releases the most content. Let’s go over what he brings for the last month of summer before September and back to normal.

For starters we have the second season of the teen drama series Control Z, in which we will return to the National School of Mexico. The previous season ended up revealing who the hacker was, who took revenge on all his companions to expose his secrets. Now, they will have to deal with the repercussions of everything that was revealed.

The successful production also returns Valeria with her second season, based on the novels of the homonymous saga of Elisabet Benavent: In this new season, Valeria will have to face a decision that could mark her future as a writer: continue using a pseudonym, or continue in a world of junk contracts.

And the premiere of The director, in which a Sandra Oh fresh out of Killing Eve – and lending her voice to Raya and the Last Dragon– should be in charge of chairing an English department at a major university; season 1 of Edens Zero sci-fi themed with time travel, parallel realities and space bounty hunters. And the 4th season of Good Girls, in which three ordinary mothers plan to rob the supermarket of their entire lives to end their money problems.

Among the movies we have Vivo, in which a young man lives entrenched in his house trying to find a way out while a virus sweeps the city; Beckett, in which a tourist from the United States on the run after a tragic accident in Greece that plunges him into a political conspiracy, and becomes the target of murder; or Someone like him, a film in which an influencer who specializes in reconversion bets claims that he can transform an unpopular partner into the king of the prom.

And the premiere of the month for many with The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, an anime-looking film based on the same literary saga that Netflix is ​​also adapting live-action with Henry ‘Superman’ Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

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Complete list of Netflix releases for August 2021

HBO SPAIN August 2021

Although for the second month HBO Spain has barely brought 4 series for the whole month, that does not mean that there are not interesting things. In fact we have titles like the portrait Obama: For an America without fear ‘, a three-episode documentary series that traces the life of former US President Barack Obama as he reflects on the country’s identity, inclusion, and future. It will be the August 4.

The day before, day 3, we have Broadcasting from the Nevada desert, a small portrait of the daily life of a television networkA local ion in the state of Nevada that highlights the role of close, local and regional information in an increasingly interconnected society.

August is also the month of the return of Stargirl, the latest DC heroine to join the universe returns with new adventures on August 11. Likewise, on August 24, the historical fiction of Britannia and its fierce female characters returns with its third season.

And movies, many movies, like the sequel to IT of Stephen King, the masterful Victorian delusion of Frankenstein Kenneth Brannagh’s operatic, the hypnotic space odyssey of the Interstellar by Chris Nolan, the classic of Grease (and its horrendous sequel) or Viggo Mortensen’s huge performance in Capitan Fantastic.

Complete list of HBO premieres for August 2021

MOVISTAR + August 2021

As always happens, of all the VOD platforms, Movistar + is the one that generally brings the most recent cinema. And if this August some of its rivals in the video on demand service are not going to opt for many megatons, Movistar + has said “here I come” with several renowned films, including the most recent one from the DC universe.

And it is that we have nothing less than Wonder Woman 1984, sequel to one of the best superhero films since Marvel’s UCM and DC declared ‘war’, and in fact the first to have an exclusive protagonist superheroine – Captain Marvel came later. Despite a MAGISTRAL trailer and the nostalgic exoticism of setting it in the Cold War of the 80s, the film ended up being a scare for its producers due to the collection and criticism it obtained. Although it also premiered during 2020, the worst year in decades in film history.

Another great premiere is Las Brujas de Roald Dahl, a new version of the macabre tale that already inspired a mythical film with an Angelica Houston whose first transformation was pure fuel for our generation’s childhood nightmares.

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We also have Wild, with a frightening and menacing Russell Crowe on the verge of nervous breakdown like half humanity is with the year and a half that we have already been of Coronavirus.

Complete list of Movistar + premieres for August 2021


After the megaton that it released in July with El Cid, Amazon Prime Video continues with its policy of few releases, but of weight and quality. And for this month of August brings Cats, the musical by the Oscar-winning director of The King’s Discourse and Les Miserables that became the biggest cinematic hit of 2019, with devastating reviews that forced something unheard of: a rerun weeks after the premiere of a better quality CGI copy that they did not make more than compounding the disaster.

We also have Nine Perfect Strangers, a series that mixes mystery with a choral cast of bluebells with Nicole Kidman, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale or Melissa McCarthy among others, and that deals with 9 strangers who do not know each other, each with problems to solve, and they end up in the same place: a luxury resort called Tranquillim House, which will be anything but quiet.

Based on the popular cult graphic novel of the same name, Preacher is a dark and acid comedy drama with supernatural overtones about a Texas preacher, Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), possessed by a mysterious creature that allows him to develop an unusual power: the ability to make anyone obey just by saying a word. And Prime Video brings us the 4th season.

And if you like horror, the new version of Animal Cemetery by Stephen King or the House of the Snail await you among the cinematographic proposals. Just released in theaters, the House of the Snail it is pure Andalusian mystery and ‘folk horror’, with a writer who spends the summer in the mountains of Malaga in which he discovers a very disturbing legend.

In addition to Cruel Summer, Amazon’s reveal-series on teen abductions, ‘grooming’, mental health, homophobia and a plot told in three historical eras: 1993, 1994 and 1995. AND The lighthouse, the interpretive duel and psychological game between Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson of two keepers of a remote lighthouse completely alone on the island.

Full list of Amazon Prime Video releases for August 2021

DISNEY + August 2021

After a month of July full of megatons between Black Widow, Jungle Cruise or the Monsters SA series, Disney + lowers the caliber of its novelties a bit but increases its quantity, and almost 50 will be the contents that from now on we will see arriving on the VOD platform during this August, traditionally the ‘last’ month of summer.

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For example we have season 2 of Short Circuit, in which a studio can present a ‘pitch’ with any idea and get it selected and then create a short made with the help of the Walt Disney Animation Studios no less. And the STAR series for daddies from Only murders in the building, in which three very different characters who love solving crimes will be forced to solve what is happening precisely in their building on the Upper West Side of New York. A series with a cast that includes two of the best and biggest comedians who were most popular in the 80s and 90s, Steve Martin y Martin Short, plus Selena Gomez.

You also get the 11 seasons of The one that looms; the docuserie of Marvel Studios: Legends, in which in each episode we have a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe showing their highlights in the 24 MCU films while telling their known story so far. And following with the UCM the What would happen if…?, animated series that twists the Marvel film universe exploring alternative timelines in which, for example, we see Peggy Carter from Captain America turned into Captain Carter, with her own suit and shield.

Between movies we have a lot for daddies, like comedy Passenger Friends, the delusional comedy of Spanish Movie (with Leslie Nielsen and Chiquito de la Calzada, hay es ná), the masterful adaptation of the novel Perfume, the masterpiece The Pan’s Labyrinth of Guillermo del Toro or the intense post-adolescent romanticism of I desire you. But without a doubt the most outstanding premiere is Cruella, which from August 27 becomes free and you no longer have to pay the Premium price other than 21 euros to see it at home.

Full list of Disney + premieres for August 2021

MOVIE August 2021

Always oriented to a different type of viewer who is more inclined to National and International Author Cinema and Indie / Independent Cinema, the Filmin platform has a catalog that covers a variety of genres, bringing together series, films and shorts.

And for the last great month of summer, August 2021, he has prepared an always varied calendar of premieres that address topics from harassment and polyamory to post-vacation syndrome or insanity, the latter represented in the debut of the genius. Alan Moore in the world of acting -and incidentally writing the script.

Full list of Filmin premieres for August 2021


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