All the movies and series released on Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Amazon and Movistar + July 2021

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We are on July 1, a new month starts and with it 4 weeks of new series, films, documentaries and specials. At Betech we have gathered all the premieres of six platforms –Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +– in a single news item, and with links so that you can see the complete list of premieres. Let’s start, there are literally hundreds of titles to show:


Netflix this month has almost a hundred new series and movies, including darn geek and geek stuff. And we start with the series of the month, the nostalgic eighties revival of one of the symbols of popular culture of that era: He-Man, who returns with Masters of the Universe: Revelation, an exclusive animated series from Netflix that brings back the particular universe that played to mix both Sword and Witchcraft and Science Fiction.

And he does it with one of the best trailers of the year, the quintessential nerdy guru Kevin Smith reaching out and a brutal cast of voices: Mark Hamill (voice of the Joker in Batman Animated Series or Arkham Asylum games) as Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar like Teela, Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman in Batman Animated Series or Arkham Asylum games) as Mer-Man, and Lena Heady (300, Dredd, Game of Thrones) as Evil-Lyn.

Another premiere, and very gamer, is that of Resident Evil: Infinite DarknessParallel to Paul WS Anderson’s hated / loved feature film series with Milla Jovovich, Capcom produced up to three CGI films that told canon stories in the video game series using iconic characters such as Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and his sister Claire. Netflix brings us Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CGI series that falls between the Resident Evil 4 and RE 5 games that have Leon and Claire hunting the undead in a very curious setting: The White House.

And if you are looking for something different, a national premiere with the Red Sky season 2: We barely had time to see the first season, and the speedy escape road movie that is Sky Rojo returns this month with a second season in which the girls keep trying to escape their old environment. Coral, Wendy and Gina are back, and so is the twisted humor and action of this series.

As for cinema there is everything, highlighting the premieres of the Teen slasher trilogy The Street of Terror, which despite adapting a series of books by the juvenile author RL Stine -Pesadillas-, there are three films with the R for those over 18 years old due to their gore content. The best thing is that the three films have the same protagonists and setting, but each one changes from year to year. And to finish Blood Red Sky, with a mix as strange as it is great for the summer: Air abductions, maternal drama and vampires, all at the same time.

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Complete list of Netflix releases for July 2021


With Space Jam: A New Legacy hitting theaters this July with Bugs and LeBron James as protagonists – and a trailer that promises a rhythm and mix of Warner universes like LEGO movies, HBO brings you the original Space Jam to revisit it -with all the jokes and references to the decade in which it was created-, a film -or absolutely brilliant commercial operation- that mixed Roger Rabbit style animation and ‘live action’ bringing together the iconic Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons with one of the biggest 90s and sport symbols: Michael Jordan.

But there is more, since although July is not going to be lavish in series for HBO -barely 5 in the whole month-, there are interesting ones such as The White Lotus, a satirical comedy ideal for the summer, because it focuses on the guests and workers of a tropical ‘resort’ on vacation. And with a female cast that includes Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge or Alexandra Daddario.

But above all, what HBO brings for July is cinema, a lot of cinema, tons of cinema. We have everything: The original post-apocalyptic Mad Max trilogy, with some of the best car chases in movie history – and no cheating or CGI cardboard, all for real; the impressive performance of Pilar López de Ayala in Juana la Loca; the joke of the trilogy Her parents; the relocura of the two early 2000 movies of Charlie’s Angels; the bad milk of Yo, Tonya, with a splendid Margot Robbie; or all the overwhelming Sci Fi visualization of the Valerian by Luc Besson; or Venom’s anti-hero Tom Hardy.

Complete list of HBO Spain premieres for July 2021


We are officially entering a new month, and that brings with it a plethora of premieres with it. Of Movistar + we always say the same: that it is the one that brings the most recent releases. In fact, this July he premieres Daniel Calparsoro’s national thriller, Up to heaven -which shows that in Spain you can make movies with a good commercial invoice, and also the long shadow that La Casa de Papel has and will have.

But there is more, such as Willy’s Wonderland, one of those films in which Nicolas Cage is unleashed. And although that can be said of everything he has done in the last 25 years, here he really looks like a guy who must spend the night cleaning a children’s restaurant full of animatronic dolls, who suddenly want to kill him. The bastard AliExpress version of the viral YouTuber Five Night’s at Freddys, with a Nic Cage dismembering stuffed animals.

And if such an attack on the senses is not for you, you have a good plethora of documentaries dedicated to artists as remembered as Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse o Bob Marley, along with the explosive and controversial interview from the 90s that Diana of Wales gave and went around the world.

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Complete list of Movistar + premieres for July 2021


After less than a year between one and another, we already have here the second season of El Cid, Prime Video’s Spanish epic fiction in blockbuster format that according to its trailer seeks that Game of Thrones tone, but with the quintessential Spanish hero, in a series starring Jamie Lorente, who comes from the ultra-popular La Casa de Papel and Elite. This season, palace intrigues and fraternal rivalry will increase in pursuit of the Kingdom’s throne after the death of King Ferdinand.

It also premieres Soulmates, centered on a scientific discovery that has changed the lives of everyone on the planet by discovering how to find your soulmate, through six provocative stories about what it takes to find true love.

And the reality show Making the Cut, in which the (still supermodel) Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, accompanied by another top model such as Winnie Harlow and Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott, will team up in search of the best international fashion designer. Also the terror and racial conflict with Them, set in the 1950s in which a black family moves from North Carolina to a white neighborhood in Los Angeles. The ideal home of this family becomes the origin where supernatural evil forces threaten them.

As for cinema, we have the mega-blockbuster Tomorrow’s War, with a Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy) turned soldier and time traveler to annihilate an alien threat in 2051 that threatens to destroy the future of Humanity. And licensed releases like Bumblebee, a film from the Transformers saga that puts the impossible madness of Michael Bay aside in the latest installments to focus more on films like ET Y Overlord, a joyous delusion of Nazi zombies in the middle of World War II that looks like a installment of the Wolfenstein saga -or the zombies mode of Call of Duty.

Full list of Amazon Prime Video releases for July 2021


Disney+ It seems that he does not want to loosen in terms of weight premieres – only with Marvel and Star Wars we have been months. And this month of July the thing paints a Triple A after another. In the field of films, two that have been announced for a long time and that due to Covid-19 delayed their premieres several times. First we have the highly anticipated Black Widow / Viuda Negra, which recovers the character of Natasha Romanoff to give her – FINALLY – her own film, which becomes the first of the 4th Phase of the UCM after the Infinity Gems saga. A story in which the Widow will have to deal apart from the villain on duty, with her family, and especially with her sister.

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The other is Jungle Cruise, new film Disney based on a Disney attraction -this is how the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was born-, and an adventure film with a very classic aftertaste in which The Rock and Emily Blunt -the most recent Mary Poppins and who could not be the original Black Widow in Iron Man 2 for being ‘trapped’ in the filming of The Wolf Man-, they look for a tree with healing powers in the middle of the Amazon.

And there is more, because we also have Partners and Hounds, remake of Tom Hanks’ iconic 80s film in which they put a pretty crazy dog ​​as a partner. And for the dads the Planet of the Apes trilogy, with a brutal performance of Andy Serkis unfairly not recognized at the Oscars.

As for series, megaton, because in July it arrives Monsters at work the animated series based on one of Pixar’s most beloved IPs such as Monsters SA, and whose latest installment, Monsters University, premiered in 2013. The series tells the story of Tylor Tuskmon, a recently graduated rookie who wants to become a scarer, while recovering Mike and Sully, converted into senior managers of the company.

And they also come back Chip y Chop, the mythical Disney squirrels that many of us met with the animated series 80s of The Rescuers Guardians, which go back to their roots in Life in the Park. And we have Turning the tables, one of those much-needed series in which Robin Roberts Chat with pioneering women in Hollywood to tell their stories of overcoming and success.

In the field of documentaries, Summer of Souls is one of the most notable: Over the course of six weeks during the summer of 1969, the same as Woodstock, thousands of people attend the Harlem Cultural Festival to celebrate black history, culture, music and fashion. An event that was filmed, stored and forgotten for 50 years until now.

Full list of Disney + premieres for July 2021


Always oriented towards a different type of viewer who is more inclined towards Author Cinema and National and International Indie / Independent Cinema, the Filmin platform has a catalog that covers a variety of genres, bringing together series, films and shorts.

And like the rest of the VOD services, it has also announced its contents to continue the year with July 2021, a cocktail in which classics of the Sony catalog and from the teacher Claude Chabrol, with multi-genre novelties such as the experience that is the Surge starring a huge Ben Wishaw. Or the adolescent story with a curious title: Death of Nintendo.

Full list of Filmin premieres for July 2021


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