All the movies and series released on Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Amazon and Movistar + September 2021

Todas las películas y series de estreno en Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon y Movistar+ septiembre 2021

We are September 2, a new month starts and with it 4 weeks of new series, films, documentaries and specials. At Betech we have gathered all the premieres of six platforms –Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +– in a single news item, and with links so that you can see the complete list of premieres. Let’s start, there are literally hundreds of titles to show:

NETFLIX septiembre 2021

Of the most generous VOD platforms ever in premieres, Netflix knows that a good catalog makes the difference. And he has clearly put together a flawless one for September, an important month because it means a return to routine in everything from work to classes. The world is on the move again and Netflix knows what its viewers want.

And in fact, the most anticipated series of the month is yours, because The Money Heist It is the most watched non-English language premiere on the platform. And if you add on top that it is the end, the closing, the end of the Tokyo and Co. plot, then the hype is more fired. This month we have the first part of the 5th Season of the series -and in 3 months, the final-, which in fact is already here, premieres this Friday, September 3.

But there is more, much more, because 77 premieres give themselves. We also have Kate, a film that draws on the Atomic Blonde school and the new action cinema to introduce us to a Mary Elizabeth Winstead -The Jungle 4.0, The Thing, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Birds of Prey- in a ‘destroyer’ plan just like Charlize Theron in the mentioned Atomic, in a story of revenge and wild action with a strong woman as the protagonist that follows the current trend – the recent Gunpowder Milshake with Karen Gillian and Lena Headey and Jolt with Kate Beckinsale – that we wish to consolidate.

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In addition, the collaboration between Elísabet Benavent and Netflix is ​​consolidated with the broadcast of We were songs, the third production based on the writer’s works after seeing the second season of Valeria this past August.

It is also the end for Lucifer, who in his sixth season wait to see how the world collapses without a God to fix the godless that the earth has become. The return of Sex Education in its third season, with a new course in the great series. And the second adaptation of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which adapts from the animated classic using more 3D animation than the series we saw this summer, clearly targeting a more childish audience than the reboot – more nostalgic and aimed at those of us who were children in the 80s.

Complete list of Netflix releases for September 2021

HBO SPAIN August 2021

HBO Spain He has taken a liking to that of movies and also brings us a few series. And it is that September brings Secrets of a Marriage, the new adaptation of Bergman’s miniseries, directed by Hagai Levi and starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac that will have its premiere at the Venice Film Festival before arriving on HBO Spain on September 13. In addition, some of the most iconic titles directed by Bergman arrive that same day, including the film adaptation of the original miniseries.

It’s also a month of celebrated comebacks: the vampires of wonderfully hilarious What we do in the shadows They return with their third season on September 3. It is also the month of the return of Doom Patrol, the most antiheroic group of superheroes returns on September 24 with its third installment. Just like The Flash, which returns with its seventh season, while ROBOT CHICKEN, the famous hooligan of AdultSwim, arrives with the first part of season 11 on the 17th.

We have in documentaries the premiere of Nuclear Family, a three-episode miniseries in which the filmmaker Ry Russo-Young looks back at her own life to contextualize what it meant to be the daughter of a female couple in the late 70s. In the cinema section, there is everything , highlighting the sagas of Mission Impossible and Resident Evil (although each one is missing the last installment, since there are 6 films in total); duology Kill Bill of Tarantino, the trilogy of Men in Black (There are 4 actually, but the last one usually stays apart).

And one of the most brutal film adaptations of a comic: Joker, ganadora for the Golden Lion in Venice and the Oscar for best leading actor for Joaquin Phoenix in a performance that simply leaves you speechless.

Complete list of HBO Spain premieres for September 2021

MOVISTAR + August 2021

As always, Movistar + is the queen in terms of the most recent film premieres, very focused this month less on Blockbusters AAA and yes on more intimate things. What’s more, Movistar Clásicos (dial 32) arrives on Wednesday, September 1 with great essential works of the cinema of the twentieth century. This new channel joins Movistar Estrenos (dial 30) and Movistar Estrenos 2 (dial 31), which will offer the best world premiere cinema, documentaries and selected miniseries.

Complete list of Movistar + premieres for September 2021


We started strong, for nothing less than the new version of Cinderella starring in the popular Camila Cabello, which is mounting a romantic comedy with a cast that includes Idina Menzel (Frozen), Pierce Brosnan or Billy Porter playing a Hade Madrine who paints the best. Cabello turns her Cinderella into a fashion-savvy seamstress and immerses her in a tape of musical numbers that is sure to take the Tik Tok demographic by storm.

But there is more, since we have another own Amazon production with Brutus vs César, a version in the key of historical comedy of the plot that ended the life of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in a comedy that has precisely not received good reviews in its country of origin – in fact, it has been massacred in France.

O Night’s Watch: Infinity Train, sequel to the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba which has been a success in Japan, raising almost 300 million dollars in the middle of the pandemic. In fact, it is the highest grossing film in Japan, surpassing box office untouchables like Frozen 1 or Spirited Away no less, in this kind of shonen that faces demons with demon hunters within an infinite train.

Also, already demonstrating a specialization in the subject, Amazon continues with its sports content, with up to two productions about the football club PSGNow that Messi has revolutionized it with his arrival.

Full list of Amazon Prime Video releases for September 2021

DISNEY + August 2021

Of all the VOD platforms, Disney + was the one that released the least per month – at least in Europe, because in the United States it is crazy. But after the agreement with the STAR platform and its contents more for adult audiences, that has ended, because this month it is barely a dozen titles below Netflix no less. 65 new content that we will see.

Two very different proposals stand out that outline this pairing of Disney & Star. On the one hand American Horror Stories, a spin off of the unhealthy, macabre and visceral Ryan Murphy series that changes the usual approach of the series. And instead of a story with different plots, it will tell in each chapter a classic or modern self-conclusive plot about several of the legends and myths of the horror genre.

For another we have Star Wars: Visions, anthology of anime-style shorts based on the Lucas universe that looks askance at Marvel’s “What If…” to tell stories without having to abide by the Star Wars canon, but delving into its mythology.

But there is also the premiere of American Horror Story temporada 10, that brings back the beloved series with the return of many of the actors who have been dating and playing different characters, and also in a double themed program that includes aliens and Lovecraftian creatures. And also Disney / Star bring all previous seasons of the series, for those who are not in their universe or want to remember any of them. A note: season 10 of AHS can only be seen in OV with Spanish subtitles. To see it in Spanish, we will have to wait until October 13.

Another promising series is the adaptation of And, the Last Man, based on the popular comic that tells the post-apocalyptic story of the only man left alive on the face of the Earth after an incident that has killed 99.99% of the entire male population but has not affected women.

And movies, many movies highlighting the Predator saga, Which brings us from the masterful and iconic first part to the last and divisive installment of 2018 – taking advantage of the fact that a new Predator is in the works, by the way. Also films for children like Tadeo Jones or that gem of Nicholas Winding-Refn called Drive.

Full list of Disney + premieres for September 2021

MOVIE August 2021

As of September 1, more than 70 titles will be added to the Filmin catalog, among which we find great classics such as “My Fair Lady “,” The Godfather Trilogy “,” Chinatown “or” The secret of the pyramid “ among many others. Filmin will expand the filmographies of some of the key directors in film history such as Billy Wilder (“Twilight of the Gods”, “Traitor in Hell”, “The Great Carnival”, “Sabrina”), Alfred Hitchcock (“Catch a thief ”), John Ford (“ The man who killed Liberty Valance ”), Howard Hawks (“ Hatari ”), Roman Polanski (” The Devil’s Seed “,” The Chimerical Tenant “,” Chinatown “), Terrence Malick (“Days of Heaven”) or Paul Thomas Anderson (“Sidney”).

Along with them we have cycles dedicated to Audrey Hepbrun (“My Fair Lady”, “Holidays in Rome”, “A face with an angel”), Robert Redfort (“Barefoot in the Park”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Ordinary People”), Paul Newman (“Skin”), Jack Lemmon (“Outsiders in New York”, “The strange couple” and “Save the Tiger”For which he won the Oscar), or Meryl Streep with Jack Nicholson (“The cake is over “,” Iron Stem “).

To this luxury list are added icons of the 80s such as “American Gigolo “,” Saturday Night Fever “ and its direct sequel “Staying Alive”. Also the thrillers “Fatal Attraction “,” Marathon Man “,” The Untouchables of Elliott Ness “ O “Escape from Alcatraz”, among many others. Likewise, the great romances in the history of cinema could not be missed. (“Love Story”, “Paper Moon”, “A place in the sun”), the great comedies (“The game goes between rogues “,” Top Secret “and” Dreams of a seducer “) or legendary teen movies like “The girl in pink”, “All in one day”, “Clueless”, “Election”, “Explorers” O “The secret of the pyramid”.

Also, it comes to Filmin “The Godfather, Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone”, the new editing by Francis Ford Coppola of the last part of one of the most famous saga in the history of cinema. The films will be available in High Definition in Spanish and in the original version with subtitles, only for Filmin subscribers.

Complete list of Filmin premieres for September 2021


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