all the series and movies that you will no longer be able to see in December 2021

all the series and movies that you will no longer be able to see in December 2021

The streaming service Netflix prepares for the last month of the year, which seems to be truly promising for its millions of subscribers with the premieres to come, such as the end of The Money Heist and the new seasons of The Witcher and Cobra Kai. However, this renewal also implies that they must let go of some productions, even if the users do not want it.

The trend of the platform in recent years shows that the priority is increasingly the original content and It is one of the reasons for the great retreats we had this year What The Dark Knight, the complete saga of Rocky and of Matrix. The list continues in the last section of 2021 and here we bring you all the goodbyes that are known. Review the withdrawals that you will no longer be able to see on Netflix in December 2021!

+ Netflix withdrawals for December 2021

– Asu Mare! 2
– 300

– 300: The Birth of an Empire

– Set Off

– A game against fate

– Reckoning

– Across Grace Alley

– Be Somebody

– Black Butler

– Point Break: Sin límites

– Blind, deaf and crazy

– Hard to kill

– Don’t go breaking my heart 2

– My name is Doris

– She remembers, He forgets

– The Fall of the Black Hawk

– Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

– Jack Reacher: Under the gaze

– Sun tears

– Mad Max: Fury Road

– Nekfeu – Wandering Stars

– Thousand Rupee Note

– The Amazing Spider-Man 2: La amenaza de Electro

– Judge

– The violinist

– One Direction: This Is Us

– Gift operation

– Break Up 100

– People, places and things

– Four brothers

– Richard Pryor: Live in concert

– Sabotage

– Shaft

– The Bronze

– The Little Mermaid

– Triple Tap

– Triumph in the Skies

– Visaranai

– Zig y Sharko

– Temple

– Lost & Found Music Studios
– Tom and Jerry: The Movie
– The KKKLan Infiltrator

– Ted Bundy: Extremely cruel, evil and wicked

– Bob’s Broken Sleigh
– No Game, No Life: Zero

– Jorel’s brother
– Mariah Carey’s: Merriest Christmas

– Serial killer with Piers Morgan
– Khair y Baraka
– Z4
– Deadly Machines

– Clarence
– Ice Fantasy
– Steven Universe
– Adventure Time
– Scandalous
– The incredible world of Gumball
– The Justice League

– Sonic Boom

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