All the songs of the Eurocup

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All the songs of the Eurocup

The year 2020 was the year of the Eurocup, but the coronavirus and the pandemic frustrated the dreams of many footballers and fan illusions. Today, one year after the official date, Euro 2020 kicks off with the match Come in Turkey and Italy, with security measures and reduced capacity in the stadiums.

As every year, and since Sweden 1992, there is a song that represents the European tournament par excellence and that will be played constantly during the month of competition on all the radios and televisions of the continent.

Artists like Nelly Furtado, Enrique Iglesias or David Guetta They have been the protagonists of these official themes of the Eurocup that put the musical point to the most representative continental event in the world of football.

Sweden 92

It was the first time in history that the Eurocup featured an official championship theme. The honor went to the duo Towe and Peter Jöback and the song was titled ‘More than game’.

England 96

The Simply Red song was the official one under the title ‘We’re in this together’. Despite everything, the band Three Lions popularized another ‘Football’s Coming Home’.

Belgium and the Netherlands 2000

With the new millennium the slow rhythms and ballads were put aside and the organization decided to hire for the official song the Swedish producer E-Type who composed a lively ‘Campione 2000’ that stuck to the ears of all fans.

Portugal 2004

Despite being Canadian, Nelly Furtado has triumphed for her Latin music and was chosen to kick off the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. ‘Forca’ was the theme chosen for the Portuguese event.

Austria and Switzerland 2008

For the first time a Spaniard was in charge of putting the music to the sporting event on the continent. He was not just any Spaniard. Enrique Iglesias, in one of his sweetest moments as a singer, performed ‘Can you hear me’, one of the most remembered songs of recent years.

Euro Poland and Ukraine 2012

Again, disco rhythms with Latin touches once again set the trend for the official song. This time the chosen one in 2012 was Oceana with the song ‘Endless Summer’.

France 2016

The last European Championship disputed that left Portugal as champion, giving the surprise against the host France in the Grand finale. Those in charge of putting the music were the international DJ, David Guetta and the singer Zara Larsson with the song ‘This One’s For You’.

Euro 2020

After all the delays and problems caused by the pandemic, the new edition of the Eurocup is here. To celebrate the Irish band U2 and DJ Martin Garrix, they will be in charge of welcoming the European public with ‘We Are The People’

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