All the stars that went out with their Hollywood crushes

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Speaking of living your childhood dreams …

We’ve all been in love with celebrities, right? That actor whose movies you rushed to see or the musician whose songs you listened to over and over again. It turns out that there are even famous people who once fell in love with a star, but, unlike us mere mortals, they ended up dating (or marrying!) Them.

Machine Gun Kelly is the latest celebrity to reveal that he ended up dating the woman of his dreams, admitting that he once had posters of his now-girlfriend (and “twin flame”) Megan Fox on his walls growing up.

Other stars who once had a photo of their future partner hanging in their bedroom? Katie Holmes, who married Tom Cruise, while Hailey Baldwin was a great Belieber before she became Mrs. Justin Bieber. Hey, as your husband once sang: Never say never!

Look at the stars who are living their most romantic dreams alongside their platonic loves.

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