All the threats from Ceferin and Tebas to the Super League and that they went nowhere

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All the threats from Ceferin and Tebas to the Super League and that they went nowhere

The UEFA recoils and, finally, will not sanction the teams of the Superliga. At least for the moment. After several months of threats, files and other pressure measures, the entity led by Aleksander Ceferin has decided to suspend the open procedure against Barcelona, ​​Juventus Y Real Madrid, the only founders who have not backtracked on their initial idea. As Florentino Pérez said on the day he went out to explain the project, the clubs could not be sanctioned in any way and, despite the insistence of the national leagues, as well as Ceferin himself, it has been.

The UEFA president reacted to the announcement of the project that would overshadow its most important competition, the Champions League, in the most belligerent way possible. The Slovenian joined the three federations involved, as well as their leagues, to launch a release, with which he intended to prevent the project from going ahead. In it, it was initially threatened that “the affected clubs will not be able to participate in any competition at national, European or world level and their players could be deprived of representing their national teams.”

That is the idea that they have always held so much in UEFA like in LaLiga, Premiere, Serie A and the three federations involved. The goal was to intimidate the original 12 founding teams. Then came the British government pressure and the fans of the English clubs, causing the departure of the ‘big-six’ of the project. An outing they joined Milan, Inter Y Athletic.

Real Madrid, Juventus Y Barcelona they were left alone and Ceferin, grown when he saw that the Super League did not prosper, took his first measures. The nine rebels were sanctioned with handing over five per cent of their income to UEFA in one year and would face fines ranging from 50 to 100 million if they breached their “commitment to UEFA competitions”. In addition, it was announced that the continental body would be more flexible on issues of financial Fair-Play, thus convincing PSG to stay or City and Chelsea to leave the Super League.

Offenses and records that go to limbo

From there, the threats against the three rebels did not stop. In fact, since Real Madrid Y Barcelona they have denounced denounced all these acts, whose objective was to park the Super League project. Threats of immediate expulsion came from the Executive Committee of the body that governs continental football. In fact, the president of the UEFA He came to question the presence of the white team in the semis of the Champions League, in which they faced Chelsea. “There are chances that the semifinal will not be played,” he declared. Of course, they ended up fighting.

The UEFA opened a file on the three clubs and threatened to expel them from the next Champions League, competition that owes its greatness, precisely, to teams like the Real Madrid or the Barcelona, main attractions of the competition in the international framework. The sanction would be made public at the end of the 2021 edition, something that did not happen. And now, after being notified by the Swiss justice that he could face a crime of disobedience if he imposed any type of sanction, he has backed down.

La Liga, led by Ceferin

If Real Madrid and Barcelona weren’t enough to put up with Ceferin’s constant offenses, they also joined the party Javier Tebas. The president of The League, he realized what it was for him “A bar conversation at five in the morning”, I was very serious. He reacted by releasing even more poison than usual against the two Spanish teams that were left alive in the Super League, threatening to expel them from the competition as well.

Despite being aware that the League he leads is invisible without the presence of the two greats, Thebes became the best partner from Ceferin in this war against rebel teams. He even threw a idea to Slovenian on what he should do with the two greats of Spanish football: “More than a sanction, I would choose not to register them in the Champions League,” said the president of the football association.

The president of the League has taken it during this time with Florentino Pérez, to whom he has directed much of his attacks in this time. He accused the white president of “being very lost” and of lying by stating that “neither football is ruined as he says, nor the Super League can be the solution.” He also charged the footballers, pointing out –after raising his own salary by 30%– that “instead of six ferraris, they will have seven.”

After so many offenses and threats by the leaders of the League and the Champions, the Real Madrid, the Barcelona and the Juventus they will not be sanctioned. UEFA will not be able to punish them for the idea of ​​setting up a competition parallel to the Champions League. A project that, despite the departure of an important part of its founders, continues.

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