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All You Need to Know About Mindy Kaling's Three Kids

All You Need to Know About Mindy Kaling’s Three Kids

Mindy Kaling’s journey into motherhood began with the birth of her first child, Katherine Swati Kaling, affectionately known within the family as Kit. Katherine was born on December 15, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, when Kaling was 38 years old. Mindy explained the significance of her daughter’s name, sharing that she drew inspiration from the acting legend and style icon Katharine Hepburn. “I just tried to pick classic names that felt like they would have to work really hard to get mad at me about later,” Kaling said humorously. Additionally, her daughter’s name pays tribute to Kaling’s late mother, Dr. Swati Chokalingam, who passed away in 2012 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Despite speculation about the paternity of her children, Mindy has chosen to keep that information private. Rumors have linked Katherine and her sibling Spencer’s father to B.J. Novak, Mindy’s longtime friend and former co-star from “The Office.” However, Mindy has denied these claims, maintaining that their father is not Novak. When talking about Katherine’s personality, Kaling revealed that they are polar opposites. While Mindy was quiet and shy as a child, her daughter is bubbly and outgoing.

Despite their personality differences, Mindy and Katherine share several interests, such as their sharp wit and a shared love for basketball. Katherine is an avid fan of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers, just like her mother. “She’s a real tomboy,” Kaling proudly shared in a 2021 interview, adding, “I couldn’t be happier with her being into Kobe and the Lakers as a big Lakers fan myself.”

Source: People