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ALL(H)OURS Returns with Second Mini-Album, WITNESS : KpopStarz News

ALL(H)OURS returns with their second mini-album, WITNESS. This comeback comes six months after the group made their debut with their first mini-album, ALL OURS, in January of this year.

The music video for the title track, “GOTCHA”, from their debut received a lot of praise and has since garnered over 23 million views on YouTube. Now, with the release of WITNESS, ALL(H)OURS aims to focus on their unwavering ambition and showcase the group’s growth since their debut.

(Photo: EDEN Entertainment)

The audience will witness another perspective of ALL(H)OURS through our second mini-album, WITNESS. Our title song, “SHOCK”, has a unique combination of Drift Phonk and K-pop, which definitely projects the color of ALL(H)OURS. The main difference from our first mini-album, ALL OURS, is that in WITNESS, we will be expressing our ambition in a rough way, with the strong ambition of a rookie group.

As the lyrics from our song “Blah Blah” say, ALL(H)OURS is incomparable. We will make a new wave with WITNESS. We hope the audience enjoys our album as much as we do.” – KUNHO, member of ALL(H)OURS

The mini-album includes five new songs: “WITNESS“, the title track “SHOCK“, “PSYCHO MANTRA”, “‘Bout That Issue”, and “Blah Blah”.

The opening track, “WITNESS“, is an instrumental that is meant to set the overall tone for the album and showcase ALL(H)OURS’ strong passion to continue to evolve as an artist and explore new music genres. The title track, “SHOCK“, combines K-pop and the new emerging genre of Drift Phonk.

The song describes ALL(H)OURS members embracing and releasing their powerful energy, which is further expressed in their zealous and vigorous choreography seen in the music video.

The final track, “Blah Blah“, was written by the ALL(H)OURS members to share a message of encouragement to their fans, Min(ut)e, not to care about what others say or think and hold onto their own self-worth because each person is the main character of their own story.

Ahead of the release of WITNESS, ALL(H)OURS recently performed at Gyeongbokgung Palace on May 21st for Korea Heritage Service‘s special concert, 2024 Korea On Stage – New Generation, alongside other notable K-pop acts such as Hyolyn and NewJeans.

Fans can expect many more exciting performances and appearances from ALL(H)OURS during this new promotional cycle for WITNESS.

Source: KpopStarz