Allison Pastor defends herself in “Queens of the Show”, Daniela Camaiora is now a mother and more celebrity news

This Tuesday, July 20, Allison Pastor spoke loud and clear about what happened in “Queens of the Show”Last weekend. This after her husband, Erick Elera, criticized the program for alleged slights to her.

“My frustration is because of the things that have happened to me. They say that I have something against Korina (Rivadeneira), I have nothing against anyone ”, Pastor assured “América Hoy”.

After that, Pastor broke down and assured that he only seeks to make a good presentation in all editions of “Queens of the Show”. “I just want to say that I am a good person and I will not allow anyone to humiliate me and make me feel bad.”, He sentenced through tears.

Through her social networks, the actress Daniela Camaiora She said that on July 18 her first baby was born through natural childbirth.

“This is being magical, until now I do not understand how I have had this whole creature inside my body and how it has been able to get out ‘out there’, but I did it, I brought life to the world, and I am immensely happy”, the actress told about the experience.

The reality boy Mario Hart became a trend in social networks after Pedro Castillo he was proclaimed president-elect of Peru last Monday.

“I am a trend on Twitter along with (Pedro) Castillo, the day they proclaim him president. Thank you for always keeping me in mind, Peru. I love them!”, he commented on his account Instagram.

Hart openly supported the Fuerza Popular candidate, Keiko Fujimori, in the second round of the 2021 presidential elections and had announced that he would leave the country if Castillo won.

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