“Almeida, from the Arabic ‘almaida'”: the mayor of Madrid pronounces on the conquest of America (and he backfires)

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José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor of Madrid, spoke about the conquest of America by the Spanish Empire during a conversation with journalists in the framework of the inauguration of the XVIII Architecture Week, they report local media.

“I am very proud to belong to a nation like Spain, which was able, in 1492, to discover another continent, and proud that more than 500 years later we have an Ibero-American region in which we are united by a culture, language, traditions and brotherhood relationship apart from political ups and downs, “explained the politician.

He also affirmed that this historical event was “a feat, an epic that served to create brotherhood relations between 23 nations.” While he admitted that there may be “chiaroscuro” in history, he said that he considers it a “mistake” to analyze them today.

“All those who denounce what they call ‘genocide’ are the same ones who, however, defend the entry of Muslims into Spain in 711,” he continued. “They criticize the reconquest, it seems fatal to them that we did it with regard to the Muslim invasion,” he added.

“Commit atrocities”

In this sense, he assured that he is not going to tell Muslims that they have to apologize for invading the Iberian peninsula at the beginning of the 8th century or for “committing atrocities” that, he points out, were certain also occurred during the “discovery of America. “.

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Therefore, the mayor of the Spanish capital indicated that “a balance must be made more positive than negative“of these historical facts, underlining that the indigenous movement as the vindication of roots is only criticizable” if it is manipulated by the communist and populist regimes. “

The controversial statements have not gone unnoticed on the Internet. On Twitter, many users have criticized the Madrid mayor’s comments, reminding him that many words in current Spanish, including his surname, come from Arabic.

The Network does not forgive

“Almeida is the mayor of Madrid. Almeida, from the Arabic ‘almaida’ (the table); mayor ‘al qaid’; Madrid, from the Arabic Margrit (founded by Muslims)”, reads a Tweet of the journalist Moeh Atitar. “Following Aznar’s reasoning, as you are called Almeida, a word of Arabic origin […], he would not have the right to open his mouth even if he wanted to be asked for forgiveness “, pointed another netizen.

And is that this Thursday Jose Maria Aznar, who was president of Spain between 1996 and 2004, he scoffed of the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, three days after it reiterated its request to the Iberian country to apologize to the native peoples for the wrongs committed during the conquest.

“Now you say that Spain has to apologize. Yes, what is your name?« My name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador. »Andrés on the Aztec side? Manuel on the Mayan side? López? That? it’s … come on, it’s a mix [entre] the Aztecs and the Incas, and Obrador de Santander “, ironized during the national convention of the Popular Party (PP).

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“It is that if some things had not happened, you would not be there, nor could you be called what it is called, nor could you have been baptized, nor could the evangelization of America have occurred,” Aznar declared, without mentioning the process of economic plunder. , social and cultural that the Spanish conquest meant for the indigenous peoples of Mexico, 500 years ago.

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