“Alter Ego”, the talent show that previews what the entertainment industry will be like in the metaverse

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Alter Ego”Is a new virtual show produced by FOX with a singing competition theme; However, it has something very particular: the contestants will go on stage and perform through their virtual avatars. The show originally emerged as a way to produce shows in the midst of the pandemic, while respecting COVID-19 restrictions.

Avatars acting on stage, replicating the same movements and even the same emotions as the human beings behind everything; It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but the truth is that It could tell us what the future of entertainment will be like: even more so, with the arrival of the metaverse.

“Alter Ego” It has a total of 14 cameras, of which eight have advanced tracking technology (motion tracking). The show is not done in post-production, but, on the same ceiling, thousands of silver tabs map the stage and position the virtual avatar within the real world. The smart cameras communicate with the Unreal Engine and render the images in real time.

In the case of the FOX show, the 3D models are created by Silver Spoon along with feedback from the contestants. And finally, all the elements come together in a server that is next to the stage and forms what we see on the screen.

Of course, the realization is not alien to the problems. Above all, because being a very advanced and recently created technology, there are still several issues to take into account to avoid errors or inconveniences. For example, if you want to put an instrument and that the avatar interacts with it, there should be cameras positioned in such a way that it does not appear that the figure is passing through the element in question.

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The new Fox reality show, which was released last Wednesday, September 22, has a luxury jury: Alanis Morissette, Will.i.am, Grimes Y Nich LacheyThey are the ones who will make the decisions in “Alter Ego”. They will evaluate the vocal performance and staging of these avatars.

Following the premiere, the Black Eyed Peas member was one of the first to speak about the show. “People are used to filters and expensive technology on social media, but no one has a complete body in which they can totally transform their presence”, explicó Will.i.am a Fox News. “I think that’s going to transform movie making, reality shows and change entertainment, this show.”.

It is worth mentioning that the program is broadcast exclusively on all FOX platforms ().

After the controversy that has been unleashed around the program, the Fox network reported that “Alter Ego” will not repress talent or human presence despite the proposed show: “Lost dreams and second chances return when singers from all walks of life become the stars they have always wanted to be”, they expressed.

For its part, , the president of special programs of the international chain, pointed out that “Alter Ego is a springboard that we had to jump over (…) You only know that in four or five years you will see a big difference in the ‘metaverse’, [y nosotros] living in a virtual alternate reality. Doing it has been fascinating “.

It is worth mentioning that “Alter Ego” also manages to carefully avoid the issue of ‘trolling’ on social networks, since the contestants hide their identity in real life. “Being famous is starting to be seen as a curse; I think a way that you can hide your personality and just do the things you love without all the toxicity of fame is great. “, adds Wade.

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