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Alternate Ending for Discovery's Ryn Revealed by Actor

Alternate Ending for Discovery’s Ryn Revealed by Actor

Before Ryn was re-captured by Osyraa, he managed to reveal his dark secret to First Officer Tilly on the Discovery. The emotionally wounded Ryn found it easier to connect with the nervous Tilly than with other crew members. Their brief moments together sparked the imagination of Averbach-Katz, who envisioned a future where Ryn and Tilly might dare to foster a romance. When asked what might have happened if Ryn had survived, the actor was quick to share his idea:

“Man, if [Ryn] stuck around, the only arc I wanted for him was a Ryn/Tilly love story. So maybe a bunch of Andorians could have rejoined the Federation so they could make our wedding.”

In the mythology of “Star Trek,” the blue-skinned Andorians were one of the four founding species of the Federation, along with humans, Vulcans, and Tellarites. The third season of “Discovery,” in which Ryn appears, is set in the very distant 32nd century. By this time, the Federation had been forced to go underground after a galaxy-wide cataclysm wiped out all of its starships. Consequently, the Andorians were no longer part of the moribund organization and had allied with the Orions to help run the Emerald Chain.

This explains Averbach-Katz’s mention of Andorians rejoining the Federation.

Tilly, meanwhile, hadn’t had any romantic partners on “Discovery” up to that point, other than a passing mention that she was into musicians and soldiers. Although Ryn wasn’t a soldier, he displayed battle acumen during his uprising. Tilly had also matured significantly since the early days of the show, making it plausible that she could be attracted to Ryn.

However, this is all hypothetical; ultimately, Ryn was executed. So it goes.

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