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Álvaro Benito explains the reason why Movistar + censored the racist insult to Vinicius

Censorship of Movistar + to a racist insult against Vinicius Junior, uttered by a fan of the Barcelona present in the stands of the Camp Nou has had the reaction of the collaborator of the house and former player and coach of the Real Madrid quarry, Alvaro Benito. The commentator spoke to apologize and try to explain an act that he attributes to human error.

«First of all, apologize. To clarify the matter: there are two different teams editing the videos for two different programs. One detects the insult and the other does not. Both videos are broadcast on the channel. A human error, that simple. We comment on what we see, “wrote Benito on his official Twitter account, in which he has a significant number of followers.

Next, the commentator denounces the facts and assures that his analysis would have been different if he had located Vinicius’ serious fault. “Obviously, my opinion would have been completely different had I seen a racist insult. The scourge to be eradicated and harshly condemned by all and I think that it is always tried to be done from the program. There is no other option or other path than this, ”he explains.

Movistar + issued an individual follow-up to Vinicius during the Classic and in it, the criticism stood out for facing fans present at the Camp Nou. In addition, the channel censored a racist insult against the Brazilian international, one of the men who stood out in the victory of the Real Madrid before him Barcelona, and the commentators, among them Álvaro Benito, put in evidence the attitude of the player towards the stands, when the reaction was provoked by the insults received.

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