Álvaro Rod says that “it was a dream come true” to sing “Vivir lo Nuestro” with La India in concert

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After a year and a half from the pandemic scenarios, Álvaro Rod He returned to the face-to-face shows in style singing the song “Vivir lo Nuestro” with La India at the Salsa Bicentenario concert, which took place last Saturday at the Jockey Club.

This presentation, It was one of the many that were offered in this show but, without a doubt, it became one of the most applauded and cheered of the night, where the Bembé Orchestra, Combination of Havana, Frankie Ruiz Jr and José Alberto, “El Canario” also participated.

“It has been an amazing experience. It was a great opportunity for me to sing that iconic song with La India in a revival show. What a way to start with my entire band on such a large international stage where several national artists were also presentRod said.

The national artist said that La India congratulated him on his talent on stage.He told me it came out excellent, even though we didn’t have time to rehearse a lot, but it turned out beautiful and people took it in the best way, I received good comments “. Indian.

“She congratulated me a lot because it was a big responsibility since she did fantastic with Marc Anthony, so I did my best”, said the Peruvian singer-songwriter, who also pointed out that “It was a dream come true to sing with La India.”

Continuing its way to internationalization, Álvaro Rod mentioned that his song “Listen to me my love” is sounding strongly in Puerto Rico, to the point that it has become number one in that country and also in Peru.

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“With my team we are preparing important international collaborations: one is India, and there are others that we are planning “, stressed the Peruvian interpreter of well-known songs like “Vamos A Escapar” or “Somos dos”.

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