Amado Boudou, Fernanda Vallejos, Alicia Castro and Gabriel Mariotto formally launched their space “Soberanxs”

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Beloved Boudou, Fernanda vallejos placeholder image, Alicia Castro and Gabriel Mariotto officially launched their space this Saturday “Sovereigns”. “We are part of the hard and fruitful nucleus that transformed Argentina”, states the manifesto of the group that, among other things, calls for not paying the IMF and reforming the Constitution.

The condemned former Vice President of the Nation, the deputy ultra k who described as “Okupa, mequetrefe y intrincherado” to Alberto Fernández, the former ambassador of Argentina in Venezuela and the former Buenos Aires deputy governor met this Saturday at the Mugica Cultural Space.

“It is time to set new priorities; the priority of the Argentine people It is not paying the usury interest of the International Monetary Fund nor tolerate their conditioning; is that Argentines eat three times a day, girls and boys have shoes, that there are no citizens sleeping on the street and the elderly can buy their medicines, “says the document that gives birth to the space.

Its members stated that one of the axes will be install “the debate” who assure that the official coalition Frente de Todos is “lacking” and called for “establishing measures such as the Universal Basic Salary and a new tax regime where those who have the most pay more”.

“’The current imposed socioeconomic order is the result of human decisions in human institutions; decisions can be modified, institutions can be modified, and, if necessary, dismantled and replaced ‘. We believe, therefore, that we have to give us new rules in a new Constitution “added the new space K.

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Who will make up “Sobernxs”, in addition to Amado Boudou, Fernanda Vallejos, Alicia Castro and Gabriel Mariotto

In addition to Boudou, Vallejos, Castro and Mariotto, figures such as the former vice president of the JP Morgan bank will be part of the new political current within the Frente de Todos Hernán Arbizu, the writer linked to Kirchnerism Weather in Giardinelli and the actress Cecilia Roth.

Gardens is known for his controversial statements, such as when he called “Eliminate the judiciary” or to accuse of “Agrarian terrorism” and of “coup” to countryside by the unemployment that the sector ordered last year.

Roth will participate in the commission of “Educational and Cultural Sovereignty”, which will aim at “decolonize social subjectivity, from a construction that focuses on the deep America and the Great Homeland. Towards a pedagogy that acts on dehumanizing pressure ”.

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