“Amaia Romero and Alfred García’s Epic Reunion on ‘Your Face Sounds to Me'”

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Once again, Tu cara me suena surprised its viewers with an exciting gala that left everyone open-mouthed, especially one of the contestants, Alfred García. Alfred had to “reunite” with his old partner from ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’, Amaya Romero, who became his partner at that time. It was a moment that caused quite a stir as the two former lovebirds, who are now only friends, performed together.

To get into the skin of Amaya Romero, Anne Igartiburu sought the advice of two people who knew her well – Jadel and Alfred himself, who competed with her in ‘Operación Triunfo’ and was her partner later. Speaking about her experience, Anne highlighted Amaya’s ‘sweetness and strength’ and called her a great singer. However, Alfred’s response left the presenter, Manel Fuentes, surprised.

Merche emerged as the winner of the night, scoring her second victory of the season with her spectacular performance of Mon Laferte. The public and the jury were captivated by her interpretation. David Civera also made a special appearance, and Alfred imitated him to the T, leaving the audience perplexed with their uncanny resemblance.

Andrea Guasch’s rendition of ‘Las campanas del amor’ was a tough challenge, which she managed to execute perfectly. Miriam Rodríguez, on the other hand, stunned the audience with her performance as Meghan Traynor. In the eighth gala, Josie had a hard time replicating his victory, while Agustín Jiménez stood out by emulating José Luis Perales.

The love story between Amaia Romero and Alfred García had captured the public’s attention during ‘Operación Triunfo 2017.’ The couple’s popularity had peaked when they represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, performing together for the song ‘Your song.’ However, after a year, the couple broke up, and now, five years later, they remain friends.

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In conclusion, Tu cara me suena continues to impress its viewers with its fantastic performances, jaw-dropping transformations, and incredible vocal abilities. With each gala, we can’t help but look forward to what the next one will bring.

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