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Amanda Cerny Narrowly Escapes Serious Burns in Grill Accident

Amanda Cerny Narrowly Escapes Serious Burns in Grill Accident

Internet personality, actress and influencer Amanda Cerny had a brush with the hotness over the long holiday weekend in the States. As she shared on her Instagram page, Cerny was manning the grill for some burgers and an online bit with partner Johannes Bartl, when the cleansing brush of flame cleansed a bit too much of her eyebrow.

“New fear unlocked,” Cerny wrote in the caption of her post. “Go ahead and ROAST me in the comments, I feel like I’m giving you so much to work with here.”

Similar to the Zapruder film, Cerny and whoever was snapping photos managed to put together a piece-by-piece reconstruction of the moment the model’s face was semi-engulfed. No magic bullet is necessary to see the truth, as she drops a look at her singed face to close out the post. If you squint, it almost looks like Cerny is The Terminator after Arnold’s skin starts falling apart.

Cerny followed up in the comment, joking about Bartl’s love for her being put to the test. “Now let’s see if [Johannes] really just loves me for my personality,” she wrote. The small skit that preceded it kept Cerny intact, while also displaying that she’s more than just looks.

If you watch it without sound, it takes on a sorta David Lynch quality, with Bartl’s brain melting while Cerny gets the slo-mo grillmaster treatment. There is definitely a joke about the couple turning into each other in there somewhere, but we’ve spent enough time on someone getting singed by the grill on the 4th of July weekend.

If you haven’t burned a bit of hair or flesh off while preparing meats on an open flame, you haven’t lived.

Source: Pop Culture